We’re English, so we like a good old moan when the weather isn’t suited for the outfit we wanted to wear.

    Around November it starts getting fucking freezing, the wind goes through you quicker than a glass of Sunny D. Layers are key.

    The layers don’t have to be class a and super thick but the more you wear, the more situations you can feel comfortably warm in. Always start with a basic top and leggings or jeans - wear tights underneath if it’s like the arctic that day. Then a jumper and a coat to keep your middle warm, because this is the part of your body that is the most important so needs the energy and warmth. Your ears and neck can give out a lot of heat so scarves are a good idea to put on top to detail along with gloves and if you can pull it off a beanie (these look super cute if they’re all the same colour). If you don’t have warm shoes, double up on socks.


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