My Everyday Natural Makeup Look For Sensitive Skin

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My Everyday Natural Makeup Look For Sensitive Skin

    As a sensitive skin suffer, I try to wear as little makeup as possible as I find this helps to keep my skin clear from aggravation and breakouts. However, I am a lover of makeup. I’m certainly by no means an expert, but applying makeup is a concrete part of my morning routine; I like spending a bit of extra time in the mornings making sure I feel my best before facing the day ahead. I tend to go for a very natural makeup look that covers up my problem areas, and most importantly makes me look a bit more awake, so a lot of the products I use add a bit of radiance and are also light enough to accommodate my fair skin.

    The following items are ones that I continue to reach for on a daily basis, and all of the products are very affordable and mostly found within your local drugstore. There really is something for everyone, especially if you have sensitive or fair skin like me. In true Rebecca Louise Blogs fashion, I have also added a little review of each product complete with my honest opinions.

    Looking for the perfect, affordable skincare products for sensitive skin? Check out this countdown of my everyday skin care products.

    Rimmel London Lightweight Brightening BB Cream

    After wearing heavy-duty foundations throughout my teen years, I’ve finally found my love of lightweight products, such as BB cream. BB cream is a lot lighter compared to foundation and usually has added benefits such as adding moisture to your skin and letting it breathe, perfect for a barely-there look. This BB cream from Rimmel is one that I’m loving for at the moment. It is very lightweight and brightens up your complexion, and it also contains SPF 15. It comes in lighter shades as well, which is perfect if you have fairer skin and it helps to make you appear radiant. Up until recently, it was stocked in drugstores but I cannot find it anywhere. Luckily Amazon still stocks it which you can find here. 

    Sleek Contour Kit

    Thanks to my rosy cheeks, I can get away without wearing blush on a daily basis so I normally chose to contour instead. After much trial and error with other products, I have decided that this powder contour kit from Sleek is my ultimate go-to contour product! I tend to go for the light shade; I think Sleek overall offer 3 different shades which is great for all skin types. In the lighter version of this kit, the contour itself is not overly dark, nor is it so light that it creates zero impact, it just sculpts and chisels your cheekbones perfectly and adds definition where you need it. It’s super easy to blend out and also build-up, and it’s really long-lasting. Also in the kit is a highlighter. I find that highlighters that come in contour kits tend to not be great, but this highlighter is my favourite ever! It just gives me that pop of shimmer that I’m after and not leave me looking like a disco ball, which is great for my day to day office job!  Sleek is mainly found in Boots, which you can check out here.

    Collection pressed powder

    This next product is probably one of the cheapest pieces of makeup that I own. Usually, as a sensitive skin suffer, it’s best to avoid cheap skin products, but sometimes you can find an absolute gem, like this pressed powder from Collection. It provides a lovely Matt finish and holds your make up in place all day, so it’s great if you have an oily complexion. I tend to wear more powder than liquid on my face, especially on my cheek areas as there is a much lower chance of powder irritating my skin, and this powder provides me with that added coverage that I’m after. I usually buy this product from Superdrug and you can find out more here.  

    Rimmel London lasting radiance concealer

    I like to apply a radiance-boosting concealer under my eyes and on my eyelids to act as an eye primer if I were to then apply eye shadow, but in my daily makeup routine, I tend to forgo the eye shadow and just stick with the concealer. I apply this product every day without fail and I can honestly say I love this concealer! Fortunately, I don’t suffer from dark circles underneath my eyes, so I cannot comment on whether or not this product will cover them up or not, but what I do know is that it adds a great pop of life to my tired-looking complexion in the morning. It’s a great consistency, not watery nor too heavy, so it slots nicely into my natural makeup look. I usually blend it out with a beauty blender and I’m good to go. Check it out on Superdrug’s website here.

    Rimmel London Wonderluxe Mascara

    The finishing touch to my natural makeup look is a pop of mascara. This mascara from Rimmel is great at adding definition to your natural makeup look and give the appearance of fuller lashes. The mascara is infused with various essential oils that not only define your lashes but give them a little boost as well. The brush is also amazing at separating your lashes and helps to avoid mascara clumps, which let me tell you is a lifesaver when I’m in a rush in the mornings. Still need convincing? Check out the great reviews the product has been receiving on the Superdrug website.

    So there we have it, a rundown of my natural, daily goto makeup look for sensitive skin. Do you currently use any of these products? Or, do you use any other products that you think I may like? Let me know below!

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