My Favourite Accessory of 2021

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My Favourite Accessory of 2021

    Today, I wanted to share the accessories I've recently been pairing with my 'fits to really make them pop. I love colour, and while I was first wearing these accessories in the brightness of Summer, I will probably continue wearing them well into Autumn. 

    So, what are the accessories you may ask? ... Clay rings! 

    I am such a jewellery girl, I think accessories can really add to an outfit and my particular faves in general are rings, so these colourful gems were right up my street.

    The rings (and other items such as necklaces and ring holders) are made and sold by two young women from County Wicklow here in Ireland, and their business goes by the name of Bloba, with their shop being on Etsy. First of all, I love how I was able to support local when buying from this independent business but their jewellery really is as pretty as I imagined! Once you enter their online store, all you can see before you is colour, and quirky and unique pieces you won't get anywhere else. I obviously placed my first order.

    On my first purchase, I went for two rings, both with a mix of colour. A pink and yellow, and orange and yellow - I was so excited to get them and they were stunning IRL. You might wonder how they hold up being clay rings, but they are very durable as they are handmade with care and because of this, are great quality. 

    With great quality to detail, and customer service, I went back to make a second purchase. This time, I went for a mint shade in their 'Pastel Daydream' style, and a purple in their 'Fruit Punch' which you will see in the picture below. You can probably see why I love wearing them over Summer, they give off such a gorgeous pop of colour but as a girl who loves her colours, I will more than likely wear them all year round. 


    While I have been writing about their rings, I did in fact purchase their 'Balance' necklace which features the Yin/Yang symbol and accompanying black and white beads, again, it's an accessory that is very much my vibe and one that I will be wearing for some time to come. 

    Overall, I find Bloba's pieces fun, unique and affordable, so we can all go around in style!

    What do you think of these clay rings? Are they for you or not? Let me know in the comments below!

    Until next time, 

    Denise. X

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