One Top, Two Looks: Fun vs. Reality

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One Top, Two Looks: Fun vs. Reality

    It’s autumn here in the northeast!

    It’s a season that doesn’t last long, but is still my favorite. As a fan of this season’s bright, warm colors, I’ve been wearing them on my body in addition to spending time photographing them in the wild. By now, you’ve probably noticed I’m a fan of orange, and yet, when I got this dress from Femme Luxe, I knew it'd be perfect to stand out against the bright leaves. It’s certainly an attention-getting color - and when photographing in nature, I like to wear bright colors, so as to stand out against the landscape. 

    As soon as I tried it on, I knew just the pair of shoes to go with it - equally bold and nearly blinding, these orange wedges rarely get worn, but are so fabulous when they do. It always astounds me when two items from very different places end up going together perfectly! The orange earrings and lipstick were the icing on top.

    Traffic cone orange is definitely not everyone’s shade - I hated it when I was younger, actually! But over time, tastes change, and sometimes you just need a bold color to brighten your day. If that’s how you’re feeling, you’re in luck - this dress along with many others in orange are on sale right now! There’s plenty else to grab if you aren’t feeling dresses, like jumpsuits or even bodysuits for those whose fall is still warm. 

    The warm weather has definitely left town up here. Even layering a catsuit under my dress was not enough, so I’ve included a second look with this dress that’s a bit more realistic for the season. While I love the simple sexiness of the pairing above, I’m definitely more liable to be seen in something like the outfit below. Fall up here means cooler temps and lots of rain, and definitely does not put me in the mood to make “going out” outfits. The orange dress is so short that when worn with pants, it becomes more of a long top, which while sounds like a downside, it’s actually great for pants or leggings. (Though, I’d never wear it without something underneath, it’s just too short). 

    Since it’s finally October, the orange and black combo is feeling very right (not that I wouldn’t wear this the rest of the year). Paired with striped jeans, halloween socks, and matching bright orange sneakers, this look more resembles my actual fall. I spend a lot of my time driving, hiking, and walking various places to capture peak foliage here in the Adirondacks. I need layers to carry me through a full day.

    The good news is, I will definitely be wearing both these looks again! <3
    See more photographs here!

    This entry in collaboration with Femme Luxe.
    All photos shot and edited by me.

    Look 1:
    Dress: Femme Luxe
    Catsuit: Black Milk Clothing
    Boots: F21, last year (shop other orange boots)

    Look 2:
    Jacket: EMS 
    Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters (similar)
    Socks: Target $1 section, last year (more halloween socks here)
    Sneakers: Jenn Ardor via Amazon (size down half a size!)

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