Powerful with body language

How can I be more powerful? How can I say what I mean? These are the questions that sometimes keeps us busy. How? With our body language! All about it on my blog xx

  • Zoran S Zoran S : This is great post!You look so beautiful!Amazing outfit!Love it!
    4 years ago 
  • Cynthia S Cynthia S : We use body language without even noticing! Imagine how much more power we could have if knowing how to use it?
    4 years ago 
  • Sašena G Sašena G : Nice article! I absolutely love your outfit and agree :) body language is very important :) Ally, www.inspo-book.blogspot.com
    4 years ago 
  • Jasmin N Jasmin N : Body language is super important! Loved the dress, you're looking gorgeous!
    4 years ago 
  • Christina P Christina P : Body language is everything! It tells on us...whether we are excited, nervous, scared, happy, apprehensive, etc.
    4 years ago 
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