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    Don’t lose your cool simply because it’s getting too hot outside. Summer fashion can be fun and interesting even for us winter lovers. Layering chunky soft knits may be the coziest thing ever but the sartorial good feelings don’t have to end just because it’s a gazillion degrees.

    Whether you are heading to a tropical paradise (we envy you) or making waves at an urban setting all you need is a few capsule-wardrobe tweaks to make sure you are as stylish and cool as your strawberry mojito.

    Here’s what you need to look for:


    Simple, breezy elegant and truly versatile a white dress will never let you down. Add a few gold dainty accessories, a pair of minimal sandals and an oh-so-hot-now straw bag that despite the trend is so timeless that you’ll want to wear for years to come!

    Stay clear of polyester and choose a crisp white cotton tee that will see you through the heatwave. A pair of denim shorts will look effortlessly chic as long as you go for a slightly oversized, boyfriend fit. Finish the look with a pair of low tops and a massive tote to fit all your summer essentials. No accessories needed, just a generous dose of sunscreen.

    Balance the sugary overdose of a pretty pastel flowy skirt with a cotton tank top and Grecian elements, like a pair of stunning gladiator sandals and an arm cuff that will turn heads. Perfect for a night out with the girls. Finish the look with a daiquiri and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

    There’s something exotic yet sophisticated about a gorgeous floral kimono dress. Light and aerial silhouettes letting the pattern do all the talking. Messy hair, red lips and an uncomplicated pair of barely-there sandals will complete your favorite outfit this summer.


    Your summer wardrobe puzzle had been successfully assembled, hurrah! You can now start relaxing, enjoying your summer and looking fab while at it. How about an actual online puzzle to celebrate?

    Here you can find my favorite free jigsaw puzzles, as long as you don’t blame me for getting hooked! You get a new puzzle every single morning to start the day with a creativity boost and you get to choose from 9 to 225 large or small pieces while keeping a score of your time as well. 

    Cheers to an awesome, stylish summer!



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