Top 5 Tips For Shopping The NSALE!

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Top 5 Tips For Shopping The NSALE!

    It's the most wonderful time, of the yeeeeeaaarrrr! Okay, maybe the second most wonderful... It's time for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

    Not only is this one of the BIGGEST sales of the year it's also my favorite!

    With that being said, I am here to be your right hand and help you find and take advantage of all the best deals that this years sale has to offer!

    When it comes to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, planning ahead is KEY! The sale may last a few weeks, but let me tell ya, things go FAST! Your favorite brands as well as some of the best brands that Nordstrom has to offer will have items on sale at all time low price points! But a lot of times there are limited quantities of these items as well...

    I worked in sales at Nordstrom for a year so I know just how crazy this time can be and how disappointing it can be for some when some of the most sought after pieces are already sold out by the time they go to make their order!

    Let's start from the beginning...

    What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? 

    Glad you asked! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the biggest fashion event of the year... Nordstrom offers new arrivals on sale from some of the biggest name brands that the store carriers!

    The sale includes some of the best and most exciting new fall merchandise! But don't worry, they still tend to have some beautiful pieces for summer as well! Have you been looking to add some new staple pieces to your closet for upcoming seasons? Well now is the time to do it! This is even a great opportunity to get a jump start on holiday shopping or back to school shopping! Well... Maybe hold off on the back to school shopping. Lol

    Who can shop the sale? 

    The sale is open to everyone! HOWEVER there is a catch! Only Nordstrom debit/credit card holders get early access! All cardmembers gain access to the sale starting August 13th! Depending on your Nordy Club status, you may have access as soon as the 4th! You can read more about the Nordy Club here. If you decide that a Nordstrom Card will just get you into too much trouble, then the sale is accessible for all non-cardholders come August 19th!

    What if I don't already have a Nordstrom Card?

    There's still time to sign up, be approved and gain early access to thousands of items! Once approved you will automatically have Insider benefits! PLUS, Nordstrom is running a huge promotion right now. If you make a purchase online or in store on the same day you are approved you will receive a $60 Nordstrom Note! If you weren't aren't sold on applying for a card, you should be now! Who doesn't love free money?!


    What is the best way to be prepared for the sale? 

    Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I've become pretty damn good at manuevering this sale... Things do look a LITTLE different this year because of everything going on, but to me, the little changes that were made can only play in our favor!

    Typically Nordstrom releases a catalog every year before the sale with featured pieces that would be included! If you weren't a Nordstrom shopper before the sale, you may not have even gotten your hands on a catalog! This year they released their "catalog" of sorts, online!

    Starting July 24th you can open your Nordstrom app or pull up Nordstrom.com and get a full preview of all the sale items! SCORE! This will give you plenty of time to scroll through and see what catches your eye!


    Which brings me to my TOP 5 tips for navigating the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year!

    Tip number 1...

    Get that Nordstrom Card ready! This one should be obvious from my reasons above! Early access baby!

    Tip number 2...

    Download the Nordstrom app!

    The app has a feature to save items to a 'wish list' which will make it so much easier for you when it comes your day to shop! They also have a new feature that will notify you when items in your wish list have been restocked!

    Tip number 3...

    Mark your calendars.

    Set your alarms.

    Whatever you have to do so you don't forget, DO IT!

    Tip number 4...

    Schedule your double points day!

    This one is obviously again for my cardmembers... Nordstrom gives you opportunity to earn 2X the points on any day you choose! If you're taking advantage of the sale, it should be a no-brainer that it's the perfect time to use those double point days as well!

    Tip number 5...

    Subscribe to my blog to stay in the loop about important updates and all of the best sale finds!

    Well there ya have it! If you can't already tell, I'm excited for the sale this year and I'm SUPER excited to help you navigate the sale as well! My caffeine in take will be at an all time high the next couple of weeks as I scour the site page after page to find you all of the best upcoming style pieces for fall, the best bargains for your buck and maybe even a few things you never knew that you needed!

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