Upcoming Fashion Trends Of Fall 2020

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Upcoming Fashion Trends Of Fall 2020

    Okay ladies, let's cut to the chase... September 1st means, IT'S ALMOST SPOOKY SEASON! Fall is almost here, and this is the time of the year that I most look forward to! And not just because the fashion trends of fall are always amazing! I just love love love fall in general and everything that it embodies. The colors? The best. Pumpkin Spice? In everything. Carmel apples and cider? My favorite. Boots and chunky sweaters? Two in every color please!

    In Michigan the weather is already beginning to cool down, especially at night. And as I cozy up under my favorite blanket on the couch with my fall candles lit and I contemplate pulling out all of my fall decorations I realize how truly ready I am for fall 2020. Anybody else?

    And maybe it's the quarantine talking or the adrenaline of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale still pumping through my veins, but I am SO pumped for the upcoming fashion trends of fall!

    But less about me and more about these trends! From a fun new twist on some of your beloved classics to a trend that will have you channeling your inner Queen B — visit www.lifewithlyv.com for all of the details!

    • Valerie N Valerie N :

      I'm so ready for fall! I can't wait to start wearing chunky cardigans again.   

      1 year ago 
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