Your Introduction to Korean fashion vs American Fashion

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Your Introduction to Korean fashion vs American Fashion

    What are the Differences? 

    Recently, I've noticed that American fashion is starting to draw inspiration from the distinct style of Korean fashion, which has now been trending for years. For the past few years, these two styles have been a major source of my daily outfit inspiration as they populate my Pinterest feed as well as the display cases of my favorite shops. Korean fashion is a blanket term for many different kinds of style, ranging from edgy street styles to the classic look of femininity. Because of the diversity of styles that all fall under the term "Korean Fashion," I found it hard to define with words. However, I will admit it stands in stark contrast to American style which recently has been capitalizing on a more casual style. In the video below, I picked several staple clothing pieces from my wardrobe — denim skirt, adidas jacket, tank top, plaid shirt, floral piece, skirt— and styled them in both my take of Korean fashion and American fashion in order to demonstrate some of the similarities and differences between the two styles. Hope you enjoy and leave a comment to let me know your thoughts! Subscribe for more video content!


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