A perfect tool to my Curls! - Natural

Product details: INTENSE CURL CREAM , Moroccon Oil

A perfect tool to my Curls! - Natural

    My hair is pretty curly and ever since I remember I was unhappy with the curly hair products there are on the market. I mean... only recently products with natural ingredients started to be mass produced. Until then, my chaotic curls could only be calmed down by strong, chemical, greasy and sticky looking foams and gels.

    Argan oil treatments, creams and oils are my favorite kind for curls, especially products that are of a white creamy consistency (holding your curls properly). Moroccon Oil company produces one of the best one, although a bit pricey, but definitely worth it. The products lasts for a year at least, so the 30 Eur price tag is not that bad. And the best thing about it is that your curls look completely natural, without any greasy wet after look.

    For more affordable versions, I recommend 'One 'N Only Argan Oil' brand with their Curl Cream or my newest discovery - 'Coconut & Hibiscus CURL ENHANCNG SMOOTHIE' by Shea Moisture.

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    • Seomara P Seomara P : Is also the one I use!!! I love it and I can't live without it!
      7 years ago 
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