Althea's Bare Essential Review + International Giveaway

Product details: Althea Bare Essential

Althea's Bare Essential Review + International Giveaway

    Althea's Bare Essential Skincare Line

    Althea Bare Essential Skincare Line is a simplified -Beauty line that simlify one's step dramatically from 10 to 3. With these simple steps, it not only saves you time but helps your skin glow as well. The key concept for this skincare line is getting more out of your skin by doing less. 

    Contour Cleanser

    The first step to the Bare Essentials skincare is it's contour cleanser. This contour cleanser contain micro-capsules in it that not only helps exfoliates your skin but it also explodes when it comes in contact with water. An interesting concept and feeling to have.

    Primer Water

    The Bare Essentials Primer water is a toner and  primer in one. This help reduce the amount of steps you have to do before putting on yout makeup. Additionally, I like the floral scent that it have.

    Fixer Cream

    The cream help moisturise and hydrate yout skin for 24 hours. I love the floral scent that it have. Additionally, it felt very moisturising on my dry and sensitive face.

    All in all, I like how it only takes 3 steps to finish one's skin care plus it works well too.

    Join me on my journey and try out these products yourself. All you have to do it take part in the giveaway on IreviewUread and you get to be one of the 5 winners to win teh Althea Bare Essentials sample sets.

    Direct link to full review + International giveaway: http://ireviewuread.com/post/172450032563/althea-bare-essential-giveaway

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