8 Drugstore Products that are both Affordable and have Good Quality

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8 Drugstore Products that are both Affordable and have Good Quality

    With inflation going through the roof in the last year, I think we can all use some inspiration when it comes to products that are both in the affordable and qualitative categories. I’ve been using the below items for years, and even if I tried other versions or options I kept coming back to them.

    Disclaimer: None of those products are sponsored and as you can tell from some of the pictures, I am using them in my day-to-day life.

    Most of the products below can be found at your local store, or in the case of Avon, online on their website. The price ranges from 3 euros to 10, and in my opinion, they are worth every cent. 

    1. Gliss Products 

    The conditioner and the serum are my favorite. The shampoo not so much, though.

    I tried a variety of products, but for my hair, I feel like the conditioner works best.

    Initially, I started using them after my sister recommended them when I was in high school, and to this day, they are my go-to hair products. With a price starting at 3 euros, there is no better affordable option. 

    2. Maybelline Colossal mascara

    I’ve been coming back to this mascara since high school and TBH there wasn’t any other product that I liked quite as much.

    The way it applies, the volume increase that the lashes get, as well as the fact that it doesn’t look unnatural, all make the definition of a great product. 

    I went for more expensive mascaras, but somehow, this one is still my favorite. 

    3. Maybelline Ink Crayon

    Ordered one out of curiosity and fell in love with it. I never used a lip crayon and it was never “my style”, yet after getting this one, I understood the fuss about it.

    It’s easy to apply, the product lasts a good 5 hours, makes the lipstick application a lot easier and the contour looks natural.

    For this one, I might be a bit biased, since I love the Ink Matte so much that the crayon was just an addition. From what I have previously used though, this one is by far the best.

    4. Maybelline Ink Matte

    Now this is a product that I never plan on replacing. The quality and the fact that it lasts a full day made me irreversibly in love with it.

    Who doesn’t want a lipstick that doesn’t transfer? One that doesn’t stick to your glass or one that you do not have to reapply as soon as you finish eating.

    To me, this one was a revelation.

    I read online a lot of good reviews, but only last year did I actually make the purchase and I am a fan for life now.

    I have a variety of colors for it and I think it’s one of those products that tops designer brands.

    5. Maybelline Affinitone

    Another high school favorite that I keep coming back to. I like the texture, I like the fact that it’s light and not greasy and I like that it’s easy to apply. I kept trying other variants of foundation, but I cannot say that I was ever convinced to give this one up.

    Also, the price is so good, that made me a bit of an addict of it.

    When it comes to foundation I always thought it’s a matter of preferences. To me, the coverage is less important in comparison to the texture. If the foundation is thick and I feel a bit greasy, I will wash my face immediately. 

    With this one, I felt like I got the best of both worlds, feels good on the skin, has medium coverage, and can last a full day. 

    An advise if you plan on trying this one, use a beauty blender, makes the application as well as the result a lot better.

    6. Rimmel Stay Matte powder

    This one I discovered by accident when I was in the US during college with Work and Travel. Let’s just say that during that time, the price had to be small so that I could afford it, but even to this day, I like the powder and I keep going back to it.

    Goes very well with the foundation above and at least on my skin type, doesn’t look like I applied a lot of product and it doesn’t have that fake effect that some give.

    As you can tell from the picture, I use a blender to apply it and I am very happy with the way my skin looks at the end.

    7. Avon Glimmerstick eye crayon

    I have light-colored eyes, so one of my biggest problems is tearing when there's a powerful light outside or it’s windy. I like the cat eye makeup, yet most of the crayons will spread especially the liquid ones. I also tried some designer brands and the effect was the same, by the time I would get into the office or to an event, I would look like a raccoon.

    Yet Avon’s Glimmerstick never failed me, therefore I always order 2 that last me half a year.

    The crayon is more of a gel, so applying it is easy and the black color is very powerful. I apply it in the morning and it lasts a good 24 hours if left untouched. 

    8. Revuele Serums & CYS Hyaluronic Acid cream

    Although I also like The Ordinary and Revox, all of them being in more or less the same price range, I found some interesting combinations with Revuele, such as Moringa Oil and the Hyaluronic Acid cream, that convinced me to buy them over and over again.

    I have other acid variations, I sometimes mix them to get better results, but even if you only get one, the product will still be good and it will last you a few months.

    Have you tried any of those? What are the products that you find the best and the most affordable? 

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