Beauty Review - Simple Micellar Water Original Vs Water Boost

Product details: Simple Micellar Water, Simple Water Boost Micellar Water

Beauty Review - Simple Micellar Water Original Vs Water Boost

    Hey everyone!

    Today, I am back with a review/comparison of two Micellar waters from Simple Skincare. As we all know, the micellar water business is pretty saturated (no pun intended), so many brands are releasing their own water based products and Simple alone have had 3 or 4 among their ranges. 

    Now, I am a big fan of micellar water products, - especially when it comes to removing makeup - but in more recent times, I found the one I always used started to irritate my skin. It was kind of disappointing but products are always changing so who knows what the reason for it was. It did give me an excuse to pick up some new skincare products so I guess it’s not all bad 😊 

    I decided to go back to my old faithful, Simple Skincare, and see what micellar products they had to offer. I managed to pick up two different micellar waters from them and started putting them both to the test.

    Water Boost Micellar Water

    Simple claims:

    “This Simple cleanser is specifically developed for dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin, it gently yet effectively cleanses and removes impurities and make-up from your face, whilst also soothing and instantly re-hydrating thirsty skin. Skin feels refreshed, supple and instantly hydrated without irritation. No need to rinse after!”

    The first one I discovered was the Water Boost  For Sensitive Skin. As someone who can have both sensitive and sometimes dry skin, I thought it would be a good fit and I was excited to try it out. Almost immediately, I noticed there was no irritation to my skin which was a great sign and initially I really liked this product. 

    However, I first started using this micellar water during lockdown and rather than using it to remove a full face of makeup, I was using it for a quick cleanse of a face relatively free of makeup, which was fine, but as I stated earlier in this post, I quite like using micellar water to remove a good amount of makeup before a deeper cleanse. 

    I usually test out micellar water on one of my fave waterproof eyeliners as an indicator of its ability and as time went on I noticed it didn’t remove makeup as easily as the micellar water I had previously used. I also can’t say that I saw a huge boost in hydration of the skin either. I mean, it’s not a bad micellar water and perhaps if you have very sensitive skin and don’t mind cleansing areas where makeup is applied a few times to fully remove it, it might be for you. It just wouldn’t be my personal favourite.

    Micellar Water (Original)

    Simple claims: 

    “Simple's unique triple-purified Micellar Cleansing Water enriched with minerals and multi-vitamins is especially designed to give the most effective cleanse, whilst hydrating the skin.
    It actively works to attract make-up and impurities whilst unclogging pores and allowing your skin to breathe.”

    Whilst I was happy enough with the sensitive/water boost Micellar water as a mild cleanser, I was still on the look out for a micellar water that would remove makeup much easier. With that in mind, I went to Simple again as I know the products suit my skin. 

    This time I picked up the original Micellar water just to see if there was a difference. Well, I can now tell you that I saw a huge difference. I don’t know if it’s down to my skin or the ingredients in the micellar water but I found all the claims in the sensitive micellar water to ring true in this one! 

    I loved this product the minute I applied it to my skin. To me, it felt much water like than the water boost one itself, my skin genuinely felt refreshed after use and my go-to waterproof eye makeup? Gone with one wipe! 

    I am now going to include pictures so that you can see the difference for yourself.


    Out of the two micellar waters I have wrote about, I have to say that the original Micellar water is the one I will be reaching for. Personally, I found it to be more hydrating, and capable of removing makeup and my skin never felt irritated by it which is what’s most important. It just goes to show that, whether the same brand or type of product, there will always be one better suited to your skin. Someone else reading this could find the opposite to me so it is always worth researching and trying it out for yourself. 

    What products are your must haves for your skincare routine? Let me know in the comments below. :)

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    • M D M D :

      I love the Simple brand! Their lotions and face cleanser are my favorite. Next time I'm shopping I'll keep this review in mind, thanks!

      3 years ago 
      • Denise  H Denise H :

        Their products are so kind to the skin! I also recommend checking out their new Protect & Glow range too, great new masks & SPF moisturisers within the range. Thank you for reading 😊

        3 years ago 
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