ELDERFLOWER Unperfumed Cooling Eye Gel by The Body Shop

Product details: Cooling Eye Gel - The Body Shop

ELDERFLOWER Unperfumed Cooling Eye Gel by The Body Shop

    Hi FP friends, 

    As soon as I saw this on The Body Shop Instagram page I was immediately interested because I have this thing when I have a lack of sleep my eyes begin to strain and has that pulling one side feeling if you know what I'm trying to say. I also have dark circles soo when I don't get enough sleep it will literally show the next day along with some puffiness under the eye area. I was very keen to give it a try , went to the body shop and purchased it straight away.

    After using it for some time now here are my thoughts : 
    Firstly I love the moisture it adds to my eye area because I don't really use eye cream (which I should) and don't really put much product in the eye area I love that the product is for the under eye and gives it the moisture it needs. It definitely doesn't take away the dark circles but I do find that it gives the eye area a refreshing look especially for the puffiness part. I also like the gel texture because when my eyes were feeling tired and strained it gives that awakening boost with instant cooling and soothing. 

    Why you should give this product a try:

    • Acts as a moisturizing gel. 
    • Soothes and refreshes skin around the eye.
    • Great for tired and puffy eyes.
    • Not sticky.
    • Non fragrant.
    I would say that the tub is a bit small and not sure if you would splurge but if you do have extra cash give it a try. 

    Tip: Place container in the fridge for extra coolness

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