Essence Pretty Natural Hydrating Foundation | Review

Product details: Essence Pretty Natural Hydrating Foundation

Essence Pretty Natural Hydrating Foundation | Review

    Hi Darlings, today's post is going to be the review and swatch of the Essence Pretty Natural Hydrating Foundation.

    I'm not going lie, I'm not usually the biggest fan of drugstore foundations but this was too monumental to pass. Essence finally, FINALLY, came out with a foundation in 36 different shades!

    I was seriously shocked and on top of that, it sounded amazing, so for 6$ I was sold!

    You can buy it from Ulta for 6,99$ but for some reason, they only carry 16 shades. I have 050 Neutral Champagne and it's perfect for me.


    First of all, it comes in a box which has all the info about the product, definitely more fancy than usual.

    The foundation comes in a squeezy tube which is sturdy and sanitary. I like it a lot.


    The formula is quite thin but not too runny.

    It has medium coverage but it's buildable. The finish is natural and looks very smooth on the skin. The best part is that altough is very hydrating it's actually dry on the face and it doesn't create that greasy feeling.

    Something that really impressed me is how it glides on the skin, it looks so natural on but my face looks incredibly smooth and poreless but like I'm not wearing anything.


    It honestly looks incredible on, it doesn't have much coverage but you can see how good it makes my skin look.

    I feel like a lot of skin type will love it.


    My favourite way to apply it’s dabbing it with my fingers on the face and then blend it with a damp sponge, I find that it makes the foundation mesh with the skin beautifully.



    This foundation lasts for 4 hours without blotting. If you have drier skin than me it will last longer. Apart from blotting, it lasted all day. 


    • Colour: 10/10
    • Longevity: 9/10
    • Application: 10/10
    • Formula: 8/10
    • Pigmentation: 8/10
    • Packaging: 9/10

    GRADE: A-

    I really like this foundation, I love it for day to day life. It’s easy to wear and it doesn’t look like you are wearing anything. I like the natural finish and coverage. I also like the packaging, definitely a step up for the brand. The shade is a perfect match for me and I'm so happy it comes in so many. For the price, it's a must.

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    • Julia M Julia M :

      Looks very natural indeed! Currently fighting my acne, do you think I can build up the coverage to hide my blemishes?

      I love the fact that it has Aloe Vera!  Thanks for sharing, Mimi!

      2 years ago 
    • Dana P Dana P :

      Love this product! I tried it before and it's so good!!  

      2 years ago 
    • Elena M Elena M :

      I love it. But I can't find this shade now in my country. Can you recommend me something similar? 

      1 year ago 
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