Exploring small (yet fab!) cosmetic companies

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Exploring small (yet fab!) cosmetic companies

    My newest obsession is small indie cosmetic companies and I find myself fascinated of the variety of products and the innovation that people behind these brands have to show! My love for Lush led me to search for similar products, with high quality, healthy and eco-friendly ingredients and playful textures!

    I found some extraordinary brands that caught my eye and I already tried some treats from them!


    I am starting with an amazing little brand from the north of England. Shimmer and Luxe is established in Yorkshire and is here to offer us some pure luxury! They have a huge variety of yummy whipped soaps, bath bombs, bath melts, bubble bars, body butters and wax melts! The colors, textures and decoration of the products is phenomenal. Victoria- the owner-  is so talented and the presentation of her bath and body creations is a little piece of art! Her bath bombs are so unique and the prettiest I've ever seen! I love that she's a Lush fan and creates some Lush dupes like Frost Fairy (snow fairy dupe) and Miss Rule (lord of misrule dupe) that are so close to the original scent and much more affordable! Shimmer and Luxe products are SLS and paraben free, giving you the perfect and most nourishing experience!  Even though Victoria is far away from Greece, I can still enjoy her treats, as she ships her products to many countries ! You can take a look by yourself and feel tempted on Instagram @shimmerluxe and on their official website www.ShimmerLuxe.co.uk/ ! Contact Victoria for more information on the products and shipping, she is so kind and helpful! I recommend Frosted pumpkin bath bomb, Frost Fairy whipped soap and Miss Rule bubble bar (rumors say that Fresh Picked Peaches whipped soap is awesome as well)!

    Another small company I adore is Happy Place Cosmetics from UK. Their products come to confirm the rumors and seriously put a happy smile on your face! Look at these vibrant and joyful colors! The brand has to offer a variety of products that seriously get sold out like crazy. From bath bombs and bath dusts to whipped soaps and solid shampoo bars, this brand promises to transform your skin care routine along with your mood! Happy Place cosmetics is one of the most inspired brands I've ever seen, as they create artful products and pay serious attention on the colors, textures and quality. I really admire the creativity and inspirational approach concerning the naming of the products and it's always a delight reading the labels!They also create Lush dupes that I personally worship! Their products are cruelty, SLS, paraben free and Vegan! You can find this cosmetic candy shop on Instagram @happyplacecosmetics  and their official website www.happyplacecosmetics.co.uk/ ! I recommend So Melondramatic body lotion,  Temple bath bomb dust and Bananas No Pyjamas shower Gel! Just hurry up and grab some goodies! 

    Last but not least, I introduce you a small yet marvelous Greek brand that is getting so loved all over the world. Earth Exclusive Skincare is located in Athens and ships world wide! They acquire a big collection of bath products, body and face skin care products and home fragrances! This brand is inspired by Nature and their products are all natural, cruelty free and mostly vegan! They became very famous for their extraordinary whipped soaps, body scrubs and all natural wax melts. I personally love their face care range as well, as the products are based on healthy and natural ingredients, appeal to every age and skin type and are super effective! I recommend Unicorn whipped soap, Salted Caramel body scrub and Aloe Vera and Pomegranate face cream!  You can find it on Instagram @earth_exclusive_skincare and on www.etsy.com/shop/EarthExclusive

    I am a strong supporter of small beauty businesses, especially when they offer me such great skin care experiences like the ones mentioned! Behind every little brand there is an inspirational, creative and hardworking person (or people) that is here to offer us his art and aesthetic to enjoy!

    Thank you for reading this girls, take a look on these brands and I'll be glad to hear your opinion!


    Mary Jolene

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    • Petya I Petya I : Amazing post, Mary! I got inspired to search for these and similar beauty brands. I love Lush as well, so I trust your choice. I am excited to try them out! 😍
      5 years ago 
      • Mary R Mary R : Hi girl! Yes they are all amazing! I love Earth Exclusive Skincare a bit more because they go all natural (litteraly not even the slightest chemical in the products) and they can make you any product you ask for! Custom made! I will wait for your opinion when you try them out!
        5 years ago 
    • Una  O Una O : Absolutely loving these brands! Did not know about them before, but thank you for sharing! I will definitely make a purchase these days xx
      5 years ago 
      • Mary R Mary R : So glad to hear that you got motivated to try out new products Una!
        5 years ago 
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