FOCALLURE Sunrise Impressionism Eyeshadow Palette

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FOCALLURE Sunrise Impressionism Eyeshadow Palette

          I'm so excited about this brand as everyone raving about, not only because of the cheap price, but also the quality of it. I've never tried any products from Focallure before, but the Sunrise palette got me when I saw it on their Instagram account. Some say it's a dupe of Huda Beauty The New Nude Palette, but i'm not here to compare between the two. I'm purely talking about The Sunrise palette and is it worth to try? or nah?, let's start it ♥

          The packaging is made from typical cardboard, with mirror on one side and the eyeshadow pan on the other side. The pastel, watercolor visual on the whole package are lovely, I really like it. The font on the front side also beautiful with a Rose Gold color, the whole packaging is a plus for me. The palette dimension was 13cm x 13cm, a medium size so it's not too big if you want to bring out when travelling. 

         On the back side, there is the name of the palette, the introduction of the product, and also the ingredients.  There is a cruelty free icon on the right, as they said they not testing their product on animals. 

          Now let's talk about the colors, this palette has 16 pan eyeshadow ranging from matte, shimmer to glitter. The color is divided into eight matte colors, one cream base, five shimmers and  two glitter colors. The colors are more into brown, pink, and orange shades. 

    • The matte color consistency from the nude colors (Pure Nude, Give Me Mocha) are chalky, very hard to build, but the deep and the bright one are more creamier and very easy to build. 
    • All the shimmer shades are very pretty, Champagne is perfect for the inner corner. The shimmers consistency is creamy and easy to build up, the particle wasn't falling out easily. 
    • The glitters are my fave, Steam Punk is a Rose Gold glitter, while the Sparkling Rose, in the pan it looks more orange and yellow, but when I swatch it on my hand, the color is very pretty, it has pink and orange shades depending on the light shines on it. 
    • Limitless was a creamy eyeshadow base, I think it's to help the glitter shades to stay put and more stick into the eyelid when applying. 

          When I'm using an eye brush for the matte colors, it's easy to apply on my eyelid. The matter was from the shimmers and glitters pan. They won't budge to be on the brush, so I can't apply it with any brushes. I can only use my finger to apply the shimmer and glitter product, which is very disadvantage from this palette. 

          Here I'm using Tenderly Light on my whole eyelid, then using a blending brush applying Punch Pink on my outer corner. Dip the blending brush into the Himalayan Orange a bit, and just blend it all over the eyelid. On inner corner, I'm using Champagne, and also putting the Sparkling Rose thinly  in the mid eyelid just to make a gentle sparkly look. This could be a Spring party look, very easy, but still beautiful. 

          The whole palette does have the pro and the con, I think the pro was it's cheap, some of the colors are better than I expected. The con were probably about the shimmers and the glitters consistency, just why oh why the brushes can't pick them up?. All in all, I think this palette  is worthy for you who need a cheap price product, but the colors are very in season. For the quality, I think it's at a mid range, not so bad, yet it's not so good either. I'm pretty happy with this palette, as it makes me want to try the other products from Focallure. 

    Price : IDR 138.000 (bought it from Shopee)

    Rate : 8/10

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