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    The beauty world is changing faster than the speed of light.

    New products, exciting technologies, emerging trends, great expectations and gold promises. It takes a lot of self control to stay attentive to quality over quantity. Here’s a make-up palette that’s worth the hype and will help you simplify your make-up routine. Everything you need in one place.

    Thirty Two

    spicy, warm shades, rich nudes in abundance, sparkly burgundies, creamy indulgent shades, housed in a sleek black case that would have you convinced it’s more luxury than you can afford. But you can, and that’s what makes it even more magical. The quality and wearability of the formulas is exquisite and that comes from someone who complains a lot about the quality of things nowadays.

    I rarely feel the need to review products, especially make-up but I loved this one and I think that you should too.

    I have been using my NAKED palette religiously and I’ve hit pan on most of the shades. It was time for a new addition to my minimal collection but I was hesitant to invest.  As usual I could not pick a struggle and I came to the very logical conclusion that I should go for a custom made freedom-style palette to avoid disappointment. But then came the issue of what brand should I choose,and is it cruelty free and what about the aesthetic of the palette itself, not to mention the pigmentation and the formulas and the racing thoughts, the racing thoughts, you got it, it’s hard to be me. So I gave up. But that’s when good make-up comes they say? When least expected? Or am I thinking about love? I’ll go with make-up. It’s more likely to last through the day.

    I saw it, I bought it with my own money and I’m sharing the love because I truly liked it and use it every single day. The shimmers are much better than then matte shades. More pigmented and creamy. The mattes are still very, very nice but the lighter shades could use a boost. Still not complaining though, great value for money.

    I simplify and use the very same palette to contour, highlight, tint my eyebrows and I even use some of the shades as a blusher too, because I can and it looks great too. Great for travelling light. I also appreciate the fact that they did not care to include a cheapy brush that noone really needs hence keeping the price reasonable and the world free of more plastic and resources wasted. They did include a massive mirror though which definitely comes in handy. MakeUp Revolution knows where to invest and they ticked all the boxes with this one.

    Wearable, beautiful eyeshadows, perfect for effortless day make-up that quickly changes into a glass-of-red-wine-after-work smokey look. Then all you’ll need is a red lipstick and you are good to go..

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