My Favorite Body Positive Swimwear

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My Favorite Body Positive Swimwear

    Ladies, summer is almost here and so is the struggle to find the perfect swimwear!

    As soon as I book my holiday and know where I will spend my summer holidays, the first thought which crosses my mind is ‘I need new swimwear!’ Whether you start looking for the perfect swimwear a month ahead, or you rather browse through the stores in a panic the night before, be assured, you’re not the only one. Finding a perfect swimwear which will suit your body type perfectly sounds like an impossible mission. 

    Since forever, I thought something was wrong with my body type, as no swimwear would suit me perfectly. I would shop for hours, desperately trying to find something, until I’d just go for the best worst option.

    However, encouraged by the #body positive movement, I have finally realized I should not blame myself for not being able to find the perfect swimwear, but rather the stores that limit the sizes to specific body shape. For this reason, I have gathered a list of my favorite swimwear brands that encourage body positivity and make your beach time comfortable! Here they are:  


    I have discovered this brand a while ago, and they caught my attention as they never retouch the photographs of their models! Actually, to promote their products, Aerie works with female role models as Aly Raisman, the gold medal gymnast, or Iskra Lawrence, the NEDA ambassador! How cool is that? I love the idea of using real women as role models as it is easier to identify with them! 

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    Arie also offers a range of swimwear sizes, from XXS to XXL, and they also include height options as, for instance, XL short, or M tall. I find this feature very useful because so often brands fail to consider a woman’s height! Here are my favorite picks from Aerie:

    Aerie Wrap One Piece Swimsuit, for $29.97

    This is probably one of my favorite swimsuits ever! I love how simple the swimsuit looks, still, the wrap detail and V neck give it such an authentic look and feel.  If you’re going for an evening swim, I believe this is a perfect choice! 

    Aerie Bandeau Bikini Top, for $29.95

    Do you prefer patterns? Then you will for sure find something at Aerie! This colorful bikini top is perfect if you would love to get an even tan (although the top comes with removable straps). You can also combine with matching bikini bottoms here! The swimsuit also comes in lavender color, and at Aerie, if you buy one, you get one for free! ;)

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    Aerie offers free shipping across the US if you order one or more swimsuits. Find out more about it on their website! As well, if you want to get useful tips on how to perfectly style your swimsuit, or just enjoy some empowering read, check the Aerie blog! To get featured on their IG, use the hashtag #AerieREAL! 

    Alyned Together

    Alyned Together is an all-inclusive brand for swimwear, designed for everybody!  They create a variety of styles and fits that empower women to express themselves in their own way while feeling courageous and confident. The brand consists of a small female team, which is another reason to support their work!

    However, Alyned Together not only focuses on bringing the best swimwear to their customers, but also to create designs that are eco-friendly. They use natural rubbers in their elastics to lower the microfiber release during wash. The brand’s first collection used recycled polyester that eliminated the need to extract fossil fuels. As well, they send every swimsuit in a Guppyfriendwashing bag,which is specifically designed to capture microfibers during the washing process so they can be disposed of properly. Isn’t that amazing? Check my favorite picks here: 

    Vanessa Cami Bikini Top for $35.00

    This Vanessa Cami Top comes from the Retro Bali Collection, and if you need some confidence boost, this for sure is the right bikini to wear! The vibrant color and open neckline look super trendy, and the bikini comes in sizes from XS to 3X. As well, 83% of the bikini is from recycled polyester! An additional amazing fact is that 5 recycled plastic bottles were used to make the Vanessa Cami Bikini Top! Find out more here!

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    The Lenore Bottom – Cherry Red, for $22.50

    If you want to further enhance your beautiful curves, this Lenore Bottom is perfect! As it sits above your belly button and rests at your natural narrowest point, it enhances an hourglass shape. And look at this beautiful color! Lenore is as well available from size XS to 3X, and 3 recycled plastic bottles were used to make The Lenore Bottom! Find out more here!

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    Lonely Label

    Are you a retro lover? Then Lonely Label is the perfect brand for you! Their feminine design takes you back into the 90s and makes you feel very comfortable! Lonely Label encourages a positive body image and freedom of expression. Stepping away from conventional marketing, they bring their collections to life by featuring women around the world wearing swimsuits in their own way. You can check the Lonely Girls Project here!

    Lonely has gained a lot of attention for their support for breast cancer fighters, featuring them in the project. You can read more about it here! Check my favorite picks: 

    Willa Swimsuit Aqua, for $186.00

    I love this romantic, 90s inspired swimsuit! Finding retro swimwear can be quite a challenge, so when I saw Willa Swimsuit, I immediately fell in love with it! This style is fully lined, and shoulder straps feature an adjuster to help you achieve the perfect fit! As well, Lonely offers a full-size guide which you can consult to find the right size for you! Read more here!

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    Willa Brief Subburst, for $79.00

    For some reason, I am a big fan of orange swimsuits, as I believe they fit the weather perfectly. And, such a positive color greatly reflects the summery atmosphere! This swimsuit has a V waistline which crafts a flattering silhouette on your body. It also has a higher cut leg line, which I always find more romantic! The swimsuit is available from size XS to XL, and you can learn more about it here!

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    And these were my favorite swimsuit picks for this summer! Truth be told, buying products which promote body positivity and are incorporating a sustainable approach has become very important to me in recent years! Although the brands sometimes fall on the pricey side, I believe they are worth the price. After all, fair trade and a low cost just don’t work together!

    Finally, a crucial aspect to have a good swimwear you will wear for seasons is to properly take care of it. To ensure long wear, follow these steps:

    • Hand wash your swimwear, or wash in the machine at most 40 °C!
    • Hang dry your swimsuit in the shade, as strong sunrays may fade or damage the color
    • Do not iron your swimsuit!
    • Rinse your swimsuit right after use and wash it well in cool, clean water. This will lower the amount of the fabric exposed to harsh salt, sand or chlorine.

    There you go! What is your favorite swimwear brand? Share your inspiration below!



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    • Renata L Renata L :

      YES! Thank you for this! As someone who suffers from an eating disorder and spent so much time hiding in clothes, it's nice to see people loving themselves and wearing what they want! Bikinis and sexy one-pieces only for me from now on   

      I will say that many of my bikini tops come from Target, although I have been very tempted to splurge on some bathing suits from Amazon!

      4 years ago 
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