my TOP 3 Mascaras

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my TOP 3 Mascaras

    Everyone's eye lashes fit with different mascaras. These are my top 3 favourite ones:

    1) The ultimate favourite is Yves Saint Laurent False Lash Effect. One of the pricey ones, but the effect is absolutely stunning. The lashes are incredibly long and thick too. However, the brush is very fragile and gets "destroyed" after a month of using, so make sure you clean it once a month under the cold water.

    2) Clinique High Impact Mascara - 01 Black + Lash Building Primer (Duo Pack)
    The white primer gives you a perfect thick & long basis for your lashes. I absolutely love this one and its more affordable than YSL.

    3) Benefit They're Real - my current mascara, gives a decent neat look, however, not as great as the previous ones.

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