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    Spring always calls for a change. A change for the better. 

    We spring clean our homes, we spring clean our mindsets and we spring clean our beauty drawers.

    The new addition to my minimalistic beauty collection?

    This amazing cream and serum duo by Natura Estonica.

    I just finished a bottle of the Ordinary hemi-squalane which I absolutely loved and will definitely purchase again ASAP, (by the way, here’s my complete review on that here) but for the time being, I was ready to add a new cream to my beauty routine and fortify it with a serum as well to get the most of their active ingredients. 

    Natura Estonica is brand that seemed very appealing to me. Five-star reviews, gorgeous packaging, honest prices, cruelty-free and vegan, and a wide range of products made of natural and certified organic extracts and oils. I was sold.

    I chose to try the Ginseng & Acai range which has six products in total- I went for just the two: The face cream and the serum. In retrospect, I should have gotten the eye cream as well. 

    The age-defying face serum comes in a dropping bottle and in fact, it looks nothing like a serum at all. I was somehow expecting a liquid, oil-based formula. But it's a cream. A proper cream in a dropping bottle. Which makes absolutely no sense since dropping bottles are not meant for or can be used for creams. The dropper is unable to pick up the cream so you have to dip it in the bottle and slather the formula on your face, hoping to get out enough product. Which means that the more you use it the harder it will get.

    Now that I got that out of my system, I must admit that the product is actually pretty good. I have been using it for a couple of weeks and I have no complains so far. It smells divine, the really calming and classy kind of smell that you’d expect from a luxury product, that is. It sinks into the skin immediately and prepares it for the next step which is your cream. It can be used on its own as well which makes it versatile and super convenient for the busy bees that run out of time to get ready in the morning, soy latte in one hand, car keys in the other. 

    Is it a miracle product? Perhaps not, but it gets the job done. It promises to improve the skin tone and slow down the aging process. It’s too soon to tell if it actually does slow down the aging process but it sure feels nice and gives you that healthy glow, thanks to the Bio Damask Rose regenerating your skin. The Bio Aсai has nourishing properties and makes the skin feel soft and supple. Now we just need to sort out what we’re gonna do about those frowning lines I got when I saw the dropping bottle.

    Time for the cream? Yes!

    The baby-pink tinted, age-defying formula is a deeply moisturizing and lifting product that glides on your skin and has an almost instant lifting effect probably a result of the organic ginseng which stimulates collagen synthesis.  Same luxe scent with the serum which makes the experience lovely as you get that spa treatment vibe without leaving your bathroom or saying goodbye to the entire content of your Gucci wallet. Win-win!

    The skin's elasticity is enhanced and restored by the Bio Acerola while the Bio Acai which is the hero product of this line along with the ginseng, of course, nourish and revitalize the skin. A really good product indeed. No complaints about the packaging here ;) It could have been cuter but oh, well!

    I've been so tired and overworked lately that I really appreciate the simple, two-step skincare routine. There's still room for my beloved hemi-squalane by the Ordinary, so I need to order one of those too as an extra treat. I think it will blend well with my new cream, just a couple of drops, mixing it in, on the spot before I apply it to my face. 

    I might complain about the packaging but I do recommend this lovely duo. You can’t find organic products that get the job done at such a low price, that easy. I love the way my skin feels during the day, whether I put on makeup or not and I love using it at night as well, serum first, cream following the serum, massaging them both into my skin and waking up feeling like I did myself a favor.

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    Until the next one, 


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