Natural hair care for curly hair

Product details: Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie + Moroccan Oil Treatment , Shea Moisture + Moroccan Oil

Natural hair care for curly hair

    After many years of searching and trying out all possible hair care products, these are my current favourite ones for curly hair.

    They are natural and leave your hair looking 100% natural too. My hair is pretty long at the moment, so this is as curly as it can get now. What I do is that I apply the smoothie cream first on half wet hair (half of tea spoon amount) and define my curls by curling them around my fingers. Then I apply a tiny bit of oil on the bottom half of my hair for shiny and smooth look.

    In the end, I let my hair dry in a tight bun to really let the curls get defined (let them dry in the bun overnight for the best results).

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