Nyx Eye Shadow Palette Review - Full Throttle/ Color Riot

Product details: Nyx - Full Throttle/ Color Rİot

Nyx Eye Shadow Palette Review - Full Throttle/ Color Riot

    Hi everyone,

    Honestly, I am not someone who uses eye shadow palettes very often, but when a palette has shades of orange, red and brown then it grabs my attention.  

    My Story with This Eye Shadow Palette

    Some time ago, someone I followed on Instagram shared an eye shadow palette in her story. The unique colors grabbed my attention from the start. Four shades that are hard to find together in one eye shadow palette: Light beige, orange, golden brown and burgundy. And that palette had all of them. I think there hasn’t been any other cosmetic product I wanted this much before. It made me think of getting an eye shadow palette with shades of orange. For a while, I searched for eye shadows with an orange and a dark pink, but I couldn’t find any. Yes, this was the sign that I had to get it: Nyx’s Full Throttle Eye Shadow Palette – Color Riot. 

    I think the best thing about this palette is that it combines striking, distinctive and harmonious color tones. I like matte eye shadows more and this palette has one shimmery and three matte ones: One shiny beige like a highlighter, one golden brown, one orange and one burgundy. It’s difficult to find a palette of red and burgundy shades, especially in matte. So if this is what you are looking for, don’t get lost in cosmetic shops like I do and buy this palette. 

    Performance of the Palette 

    It’s not hard for the brush to absorb the colors in the palette. One or two brushes will generally do the job. The goes for applying these on my skin. For some eye shadows, I may have to swipe my brush dozens of times to set the color above my eyes. You can have beautiful makeup looks with double or triple combinations, or you can use each shadow alone and complete them with an eyeliner or an eye pencil.

    The palette has a small, square-shaped package, which makes it easy to carry. The package is also stylish and durable. While most of my eye shadow palettes do not fit in my makeup bag, this palette fits easily.

    My Reviews About the Colors

    The light beige gives a shiny and mild look. Normally, I like matte shadows more, but this shiny one should be present in every palette. When you want to have a soft but beautiful looking makeup, you can apply this color alone on your eyelids. I had never tried it, but it looks like a color that can also be used as a highlighter. You can also apply it to the inner corner of the eye to get a shiny look.

    The second color, golden brown looks like a light brown on the palette. It’s a warm color and suitable for daily use. When you apply it, I can say that it has red and orange shades on it. This enables it to match with the other colors in the palette. When applying this color to the middle of the eyelid, you can apply the burgundy one to the end of your eyelid. The combination of them looks harmonious and catchy. 

    I was looking for an orange eye shadow for a long time before I found the Nyx Full Throttle - Color Riot. I bought an orange blush to use it as an eye shadow. No, it wasn’t that successful, so I’m happy to have this palette. The orange color on this palette is quite light and reflective. Although it does not give very good results when used alone, it looks amazing when you combine it with other colors. 

    By reading various comments on the Internet, I take that the last color, burgundy, is the star of this palette. Many eye shadow palettes have brown, purple, beige or even blue, but not a burgundy. Although this is a very demanding color, there are very few palettes with this color. For me, the star of the palette is the golden brown, since I like colors that I can use on a daily basis more. However, I have to admit that the burgundy is so characteristic and different with its tone. If you are good at applying eye shadows, you can do wonders with this color. For those who are just starting, I recommend using this color after you have mastered eye shadow application a bit because darker colors are harder to shape on the eyelids.


    If you are looking for an eye shadow palette in the shades of beige, orange, golden brown and burgundy, just buying Nyx Full Throttle – Color Riot will be enough. The shiny beige, golden brown and orange ones are perfect for daily use. They are lighter and less remarkable than the burgundy. The burgundy shadow can also be used daily, however red tones are better to use for a night out or a special evening. In general, all the colors are easy to apply and stay for a long time. So I can definitely recommend it in terms of usage and quality. 

    I bought this product from Douglas in Prague, but you can also buy it from Nyx Cosmetics shops or Walmart. To buy online, I will give you some helpful links to check the prices. If you buy and use this palette, share your comments with me! 

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