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    esmalte unhas preto antes depois blogueira disconto de born pretty loja

    esmalte unhas preto antes depois blogueira disconto de born pretty loja

    esmalte unhas preto antes depois blogueira disconto de born pretty loja

    Hi lovelies! About two months ago I had an unfortunate accident, that led to the loss of one of my beloved nails, a middle finger nail. That accident inspired me to create an edgy and minimal nail manicure for short, but very proud and unbowed nails. Few weeks later, when my middle finger nail started to grow, I broke it again, this time even shorter  and, yes, it was painful! As difficult as it was, I had to accept my short nails. Painting them pure black was a great decision, this color perfectly summarize my manicure mood. The Basic Black Nail Lacquer*by my favorite Born Pretty store helped me to create another minimal manicure for my affected nails.

    I'm a kind of girl who's always on the hunt for that perfect black nail polish. I love to use basic black as a base for small nail decorations and holographic nail polishes. So the Basic Black lacquer has a nice, semi-creamy texture. It is easy to apply on the nail plate - it glides smoothly on the surface and doesn't create annoying streaks or air bubbles. I was pleasantly surprised with it's opacity. One single coat is enough to create a deep black color. It dried very quickly and the glossy finish looked very appealing. No awful scent, which is super important!

    To complete my black manicure, I've decided to add few small nail stickers on my ring and middle nails. These tiny white stickers are also by Born Pretty store, you can find similar version here. The final touch - a No Smudge Top Coat*, it added even more gloss and sealed the manicure. I was very pleased with the final result, but on the next day the black lacquer started to chip on the tips...

    Is the Basic Black nail lacquer a perfect black? Unfortunately, it is not. One of the most important features for a lacquer is durability. A good lacquer, on my opinion, should last for at least 5-7 days without fading and with minor chipping. Of course, it is super beautiful and opaque, but it isn't enough. No smudge top coat is awesome, I tried it with different nail polish and my manicure lasted more than a week, so the problem was not in the top. 

    All nails deserve to be treated with love and respect, even if they are short, which is temporarily, of course. Liked something and want to try out? Then don't forget to use a a special code LIZH10 to receive 10 % discount off your purchase, you can click the banner below to check out the whole range of the nail and makeup products. Until next time lovelies ♥

    unhas esmalte desconto de born pretty store loja

    Lots of love,Liz

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    • Petya I Petya I : Hey Liz! That sounds great. I will definitely try this brand as it's usually difficult to find a black nail polish with good coverage! But do you also apply a base coat underneath the nail polish or you apply it directly?
      7 months ago 
    • Julia M Julia M : I love it! Black is my favorite nail polish color, to be honest! This one looks so deep and so glossy. Furthermore, I love the price, haha! :) Thank you for your review and for the discount. I'm definitely going to use it! xx Julia
      7 months ago 

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