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    Everyone is talking about Rihanna and her Fenty Beauty collection and the reviews are of course amazing. After all, how could something go wrong, if queen Riri placed her magical hands on it? If you have not tried the Fenty Beauty cosmetics yet, you probably wonder what all the fuss is about. Look no further, because I have made a review about my top 5 Fenty Beauty by Rihanna products.

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    Rihanna and her team founded Fenty Beauty in 2017 focusing on creating makeup for all skin types and traditionally hard-to-match skin tones which is one of the reasons why I am absolutely in love with her collection!  Her makeup can be purchased in the online store and you can also make a donation to the Clara Lionel Foundation which supports and funds education, health and emergency response programs around the world. Super nice, right? Next to the online store, you can purchase the cosmetics in Sephora, where I did it, or you can check out Harvey Nichols if you live in the UK or Ireland.


    I was just really excited to finally have some time to purchase some of the Fenty Beauty products, especially because Rihanna kept promoting them on her Instagram posts all the time! 

    Have you seen her makeup tutorials? She does her makeup perfectly using only several products! Let me introduce you to my favorite products from the Fenty Beauty collection!



    Killawat Diamond Ball-Out 

    Let’s talk about these highlighters girl! As their name suggests, they definitely are the highlights of the collection as they offer the perfect texture and color! One of my favorites is the Killawat Diamond Ball-Out highlighter with its 3D hyper-metallic silver shade. Its ultra-creamy texture makes it super easy to apply and it feels completely weightless. Another big plus is that they stay on your face throughout the day, which is usually one of my requirements as I am always on my bike and the makeup fades away after one ride. This highlight is so nice and strong that I don’t even have to put much more makeup, I do my eyebrows, apply the Killawat Diamond Ball-Out as my eye-shadow, my highlighter and you can also put a bit on your lips for some extra glow, and you are ready to go! For a price of $34, I think it definitely deserves a place in your cosmetic bag! 

    KILLAWATT FOIL Freestyle Highlighter Duo

    What I absolutely love about Fenty Beauty is that it offers a great variety of playful shades which allow you to decorate your face like a real artist! After all, Rihanna herself said that the purpose of makeup is to have fun, and these KILLAWATT FOIL Freestyle Highlighter Duo are definitely a proof of it! The highlighters duo are designed to make every color skin pop and one of my favorite shades are the MIMOSA SANGRIA/MIMOSA SUNSET with metallic tangerine and magenta and the 7DAYWKND/POOLSIDE  with shades of metallic orchid and violet. Rihanna’s tip: it is all about layering to Killawat Foil and creating a colorful dimension from cheeks to eyes to temples. 

    If you want to also purchase a brush for applying the highlight, I would also recommend checking out this Cheek-Hugging Highlight Brush which costs $32. It reminds me a bit of Naked’s Brush set but is a bit more affordable. The Cheek-Hugging Highlight Brush differs from other brushes as it has an asymmetrical cut which allows highlighting with more precision and edge. How perfect is that? I just wonder why it took everyone so long to come up with this invention! 


    Priscilla's 3D Ombré Lip Essentials

    For only $44, you get two full-sized Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipsticks in Shawty and Up 2 No Good, and a full-sized Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Fenty Glow and girl they are so awesome! These three can be used for 3 individual looks but what I prefer even more is to use them all for one look: I use the Mattemoiselle in Shawty to line the outside of my lips and fill the center with the Up 2 No Good. Thanks to its smooth texture, the Mademoiselle in Shawty will make your lips look shiny and full and will give the perfect shape to your lips. Adding a nice finish of the Eclipse 2-in-1 Glitter Release Eyeliner will be enough to give you this glossy, natural look! Definitely one of my favorites! 

    SUMMER DAZE/SUMMER NIGHTs Iridescent Lip Luminizer Trio 

    Okay, we are finally here! This is my a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e favorite product from the Fenty Beauty new collection because for only $32 you get three super playful shades: mint, peach, and fuchsia iridescent glitter. The mint one is the edgiest shade, but I like it the best as it is so Rihanna-like! If you decide to put this one on, you will definitely have all eyes on you the whole night! This look is perfect for a concert or a birthday party- if you are the birthday girl of course!


    Finally, we can talk about the probably most recognizable product from the whole Fenty Cosmetics products. Rihanna really wanted to create makeup for every woman and put a lot of effort into creating shades for all colors and types of skin. The Soft Matte Longwear Foundation is actually available in 40 different shades! 40! That really gives you a lot of options! I personally use the Neutral 320 foundation which gives my skin an instant, shine-free coverage. The foundation is so light and the texture is so fine that once I have tried it, I immediately knew it was the perfect match. I would definitely recommend the foundation as it does not clog your pores, which is really important for the health of your skin and you can purchase it for only $34!

    As you can see from my review, I am absolutely in love with Rihanna's Fenty Cosmetics collection! I would definitely recommend it to every girl, the one loving the natural look or the risk-taker chick! Have you tried Rihanna's cosmetics?

    Let me know what you think of it below! 



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