Reviewing Clinique Products

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Reviewing Clinique Products

    Hey Guys,

    Today i have a different style of video for you.

    Recently I was sent a package from Fashion Potluck with a few Clinique products for me to trial and test so i could review them for all of you!

    Fashion Potluck is brilliant, i shall leave the link further down if you want to check out the website. In short, lots of various Youtubers and Bloggers go and upload their content and share it with every one! Its bit like youtube itself really! I love discovering new people and if i want to watch videos within a certain genre then thats what i do! :)

    Thank you Fashion Potluck for sending me the goodies i love them! Have a watch to see how i thought of the products themselves!

    Let me know if you like these review videos and if you do i shall definitely do more!


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