Rimmel London - works for dry skin?!

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Rimmel London - works for dry skin?!

    If you following me on Instagram, you have already seen my photo that I'm trying out Rimmel London foundation Lasting 25 hours and concealer Hide the Blemish.

    Let me start with the concealer. I don't like using it on my skin. Why? Because it left dry traces in the area above my upper lip and I don't like that at all. You can't see from the distance but, I see it in the mirror and I feel insecure. Even I have very dry skin under my eye I have one small part is on the oily side and I use it only there. I bought it in color 001 Ivory.

    I really like the design of the lipstick, product is affordable approx. 6,50 € is the full price ( I have paid 30% off because of the sale). You can buy it here.

    If you reading my blog for a while, my go to brand for foundation is Bourjois. I use their foundations since 2009 when I started to use makeup a bit more. I finally started here and then try out other brands, but I always have their foundation as a backup.

    On the other hand, Rimmel London has kind a blow my mind with this foundation. Because I have sensitive and dry skin for me is always hard to find good foundation.

    Only downside for this foundation in my opinion is that they haven't so many shades and the other thing is that it isn't full coverage ( for me when you apply it with a regular sponge - more you can see in video below). I was scared so much about this full coverage because I do my makeup like "no makeup". I love that you don't feel foundation on the skin it's stayed all day long on my face even though I was all day at the sun, foundation didn't move. I also didn't use any of the powders on my face. For me, this would be ideal during the summer season when out can be up to 40℃.

    The design of the foundation is lovely and it has a pump. I have seen other YouTubers do review of this product and their foundation didn't have a pump, which is so weird to me. I bought the color in 103 ( True Ivory), maybe is a bit to dark for me but, you can do a little trick and add a bit of the cream to light up the shade a bit.

    I was so surprised with the price of approx. 9,30 € and I bought it on sale for approx. 6,50 €. You can buy it here.

    If you are interested in how I do my makeup and bit more view the video below, click subscribe and the little bell so, you get notified when I upload new video.

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