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    Late nights at the office, a glass of pink wine at your bestie’s party afterwards, quickly changing from your Nikes into a pair of killer stilettos and a dash of red lipstick…

    We never get bored, do we?

    We love living our lives to the fullest and we are checking things off our bucket lists as we go. Which is amazing and this is how lives should be lived.

    But all the late nights at the office and all the glasses of pink wine at your bestie’s party, are having an impact on your skin.

    Add all the stress caused by deadlines, laugh lines, borderlines and you’ll end up with screen-strained eyes, dark circles and fragile dull skin.

    Arm yourself with the essentials and develop a simple, yet effective self-care strategy instead of turning down a new, cool work project or an exciting night out with the guys.

    Here’s how to survive and look cool as a cucumber when you are a workaholic or a devoted party goer. 

    Or both, actually.

    1 Make it fun

    Pampering is meant to be fun.


    If you are always on a rush or having stressful days and a ton of events to attend after work, taking care of yourself ends up being an obligation instead of an opportunity to relax and unwind. 

    Change your perception.


    Don’t do it because you have to, but because you want to. If you don’t feel like taking the whole day off and indulging today, then don’t. As soon as you take the pressure off, you will end up craving those self-care moments and get into the habit of a regular beauty routine that you actually look forward to.

    2. Multitask

    I know you want to, you know you want to, the whole world knows you want to

    It’s no secret that us workaholics, love to multitask, even when we pretend that we’ve had enough of multitasking for this life and the next one.

    So why not use the same concept when it comes to our beauty regimes to lighten the load of a time-wasting routine?

    Cleanse your skin and scrub while you take a shower, use a good hair mask or coconut oil on your hair and don’t rinse just yet. Put them up, in a blogger’s-fave-messy-bun.

    Moisturize your body and do a face mask. 

    Make sure you take extra good care of the sensitive skin around your eyes.

    I’ve been using the stress-relief eye masks by ESTÉE  LAUDER the past few months and got away with more sleepless nights that ever. There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep but if you can’t have that, this is the next best thing. All you need is 10 minutes to hydrate and soothe the part of your face that shows stress first and more noticeably. 

    Basically they are individually packed pre-moistened pads full of anti-fatigue and anti-stress, hydrating ingredients, plus botanical soothers like aloe vera, cucumber and allantoin. 

    They are non-irritating, fragrance-free (perfect for those who suffer from migraines), and both dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.

    They are compact, and discrete enough to wear while you commute to work or in-flight. They stay on no matter-what and they feel very comfortable and refreshing without leaving a greasy film that other products do.

    When you work hard - play hard, you need reliable formulations and hero products like this one to have your back and slow the signs of sleeplessness by calming, cooling, brightening and de-puffing your under eye area so that you will still look cool as a cucumber and ready for the next deadline followed by the next party.

    So put on your eye masks, do a mini yoga work out to decompress while all the products work their magic and rinse everything off when you are done.

    Bright new and ready to take over the world!

    3 Let food be thy medicine

    Sometimes we need to take a step back and make sure we’ve got the basics covered. 

    Eat well. 

    No amount of beauty products will make up for a bad diet and just keep in mind that you need to feel great to look great. A vegan diet has proven to be the most beneficial but if that’s not for you, just try to have a balanced diet and avoid overconsuming alcohol even when you have parties and events to attend.

    Ready for another adventure?

    Until the next one,


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