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Simple Hair Care

    Hey Ladies!!☺ So this is my first product review on this platform. I wanted to share an experience I have been struggling with for awhile and you could probably relate to it at some point in your life. I chopped my hair off a couple years ago after having failed success in growing my hair healthy. Despite eating right and drinking lots of water, my hair was shedding and I couldnt get it grow. I tried so many different products and had to wear sew-ins and braids and wigs at times. After I had a hysterectomy in 2015, it really got bad. Your estrogen levels change dramatically and stress of the change does not make your hair grow. 

     Finally, I got on Youtube and found out that just simple shampoos with no extra chemicals in it and moisturizing along with good diet and lots of water lead to not only great skin but healthy hair. Being a Black woman, my hair goes through alot to keep it straight. Black women have this saying....."If it is raining...we aint going out!"     This means we don't get our hair wet whether in rain or swimming...our hair gets messed up badly.  

    I found out that Aloe Vera plants are good for moisturizing and actually watched a women use it on her hair. Click on link below to watch: 

    Aloe Vera Treatment

    So anyway...let me tell you about this product I have been using for a month now called Fermented Rice Water   

    When I first tried this, I didnt know what to expect. I opened up the shampoo and it was a little watery and then I used the conditioner and I gotta tell you my hair is so soft after I wash it. It feels really good on my scalp and I am not itching at all. I live in Florida and there are a lot of allergens and things that can dry your hair out and make it itch so when I tried this and I didnt have to "Pat my head"  it was a relief. I found this product on Etsy from a shop called Conscentual Love who has a great store rating. This bundle product was 20$ and well worth it.

    A month later, I go from having itching, shedding, breakage and crazy hair in the morning to a lot less breakage, soft hair and being able to put it in a pony tail. Keeping it simple for your hair you will get the best results. Before I tried this product, I had a perm in it and all the chemicals caused a problem with it. The less chemicals in your hair the better just like your body! To Good Health!!

    Dont forget to check out My Blog where I am working on my 52-week Blog challenge and I am on week 36

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