Skincare for The Soul

Product details: Keys Soulcare Golden Cleanser, Keys Soulcare Be Luminous Exfoliator

Skincare for The Soul

    Picture this, you’re in your favorite bathroom lit by the moonlight and it’s time to embark along the journey of self-care with your nighttime routine. After a long busy day, you want to end the night on a high note by doing something that erases the stress and refreshes the skin. To begin washing off the day, you reach for your favorite cleanser filled with everything from acne clearing properties to mood lifting components. You open your bathroom cabinet and your hands immediately grab the Keys Soulcare Golden Cleanser and the Keys Soulcare Be Luminous Exfoliator. 

    I believe a nourishing skincare system should provide products that deliver more than something you rinse off your face, it’s about the experience. Does it give you a burst of energy like a citrus face scrub or does it calm your skin like a lavender filled serum? Anytime a company can create a product made for the outside of the body but gives you good vibes on the inside is taking healthy living to another level.

    I Tried the Keys Soulcare Skincare on My Sensitive Skin!

    Keys Soulcare cleanses the skin and invigorates the soul. When I say it invigorates the soul, I mean it’s a feel-good product that lifts your mood by empowering you to not only wash away toxins on the surface but allowing the feel-good energy to release inside your system. Where does the feel-good energy come from in terms of washing face and etc.? Essentially, it’s all about how the product makes you feel on the inside. How do you feel during or after each use? Does it add a calmness to your skincare routine or does it make you feel frustrated?

    The Radiance Ritual Collection is aimed at you not only obtaining your best skin but embracing your purest self on the inside. Keys Soulcare created more than skincare, they built a system for  incorporating positive self-thinking into self-care routines. Each product is created for you to feel more confident and powerful. For example, lighting the Sage + Oat Milk Candle for clarity or the Obsidian Face Roller to stimulate your senses and attract you to living in the moment.  Regardless of which product you use from the brand, each item is designed to encourage you in mentally living a healthier lifestyle. 

    Honoring the connection between skin and soul, every offering is infused with intention — from symbolic icons and affirming mantras to recommended rituals — to transform the time we spend caring for our skin into a moment of personal ceremony. -Keys Soulcare

    Taking a simple daily habit as washing your face more seriously, makes a difference in adding more self-love to your aura. Keys Soulcare has emphasized the value of a skincare routine in terms of a daily ritual and their goal is to motivate everyone in taking time to do something nice for themselves.

    Keys Soulcare Golden Cleanser

    The Keys Soulcare Golden Cleanser is physically aimed at gently erasing impurities, makeup and dirt from the pores by using an ayurvedic essential and antioxidants for softer and cleanlier skin. From a spiritual standpoint, the cleanser is to help you focus on turning everything in your life to gold and learning how to stay calm and make the most of any given moment.

    The Golden Cleanser’s Main Ingredients:

    • Manuka Honey: antioxidants that gently cleanse and highlight the skin
    • Chamomile: antibacterial properties, tightens the pores, lightens the skin by fading dark spots
    • Turmeric: revives the skin to bring out the natural glow
    • Sandalwood: helps to remove scars, treat eczema, improves acne

    How Does it Work on Sensitive Skin?

    Let’s talk about the soft gel consistency. With  just a small amount of cleanser and a dash of warm water, the mixture lathered lightly and easily glided across my face.  As someone with sensitive skin, I don’t need anything tugging on my skin and causing unnecessary irritation. The golden cleanser is mildly concentrated so no need to pump more cleanser for a heavier wash, just add extra water for an even spread. 

    My skin instantly felt supple, calm and hydrated. The smell is quite invigorating and not too feminine, making it an excellent skincare gift for men too. While it’s gentle on sensitive skin, my makeup didn’t stand a chance! I applied it directly to my lashes to remove the mascara and my eyes didn’t have that annoying burning sensation you get from commercial products that contain sulfates. Certainly removes makeup effectively because  I had no trace of the liquid lash enhancer, I’m definitely adding this cleanser to my collection of gel cleansers for sensitive skin 

    Keys Soulcare Be Luminous Exfoliator

    The Keys Soulcare Be Luminous Exfoliator contains gentle ingredients grinded down to a fine powder to kindly scrub away excess dirt and dead skin. With the intentionally crafted powder combination, you are sure to reveal softer and brighter skin. The spiritual benefit gained is to feel illuminated inside and out, with your best self shinning. 

    The Be Luminous Exfoliator Main Ingredients:

    • Hojicha Powder: rich in antioxidants, non-stripping and helps to softly smooth the skin
    • Lactic Acid: known to exfoliate the skin for a brighter appearance
    • Mung Beans: buffs away dullness
    • Oats: exfoliates the skin for even texture

    How Does it Work on Sensitive Skin?

    What I like most is the sandy texture that immediately turns to foam when mixed with warm water. It’s so gentle and easily glides without tugging my skin. My face didn’t feel dried out or scratched as I moved the powder around. In fact, the exfoliator left my skin feeling super soft, hydrated, smoother and fresh. I can tell the top layer of dirt and dead skin was removed too because my face looked much brighter. 


    Still in a rush? I like to use the luminous exfoliator and golden cleanser together as a super scrub. Just add a bit of warm water to activated the two products, rinse off well and apply your serums, oils or creams. It’s cool because it’s like you’re doing two steps in one. 

    Alicia Keys and her team came up with other products to help benefit the skin such as the Harmony Mask for a relaxing moment to detoxify the skin and remove impurities. Don’t forget to check out the  Reviving Aura Mist for balancing the skin, increasing hydration and giving that extra pick-me-up throughout the day, ya heard?! 

    Have you tried Keys Soulcare Skincare yet?

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