Splat vs Crazy Color Review - Rainbow Hair Colors

Product details: Splat Semi-permanent hair dye & Crazy Color semi-permanent hair dye

Splat vs Crazy Color Review - Rainbow Hair Colors

    Who said that autumn has to be boring and gray? This autumn you can shine with bright colors! 

    Autumn is perfect for transformations. I thought now is a good time to share my experiences with the rebellious hair colors, that can brighten up the routine. I love colors and I like experimenting with them. I have tried a few different brands, but I am going to talk about the two that I liked the most. I have tried different shades by both Crazy Color and Splat in the past few years and I was quite satisfied with the results. They have a great selection of rainbow shades which gives you the opportunity to experiment and create your very own unique colors and looks.

    Want some crazy rainbow shades on your head? - Crazy Color!


       Crazy Color is one of the best hair dye brands in the UK, that offers a great selection of rainbow colors. You can either use them separately or mix them together to express yourself in a unique way. Founded by professionals in the field, their products give your hair just what it needs to shine bright in color and to still be healthy, as all the products are vegan-friendly! You also have an option to choose from both semi-permanent or temporary hair dyes. As an addition, they offer hair color products to help you take the best care of your hair after it’s been colored.

       I’ve already experimented with a few different vibrant colors and so far I really like the results. Although I didn’t get the actual bright purple (“Violette”), pink (“Pinkissimo”) or blue (“Sky blue”) color that I was going for (as I was afraid to bleach my hair), I still managed to get pretty nice rainbow highlights. 

       If you are adventurous enough and want to get those vibrant bright colors – mind, that you have to bleach your hair first.  Otherwise, you will still get a nice color, but for the obvious reasons, it won’t be that vibrant as the packaging says.

       The Crazy Color hair products are very easy to use and do not require extra effort. What I really like is that Crazy Color provides you with helpful tips and advice from professionals on their webpage. 

    Where to buy?  

    You can easily find this product in the regular drugstores around the UK, but you can also order it online.


     One box for 5.50£ or a pack of 4 boxes for 22£. 

    Cool tools

    Additionally, they give you the option to let your friends know about it and to recommend any of their products by sending them an online information card by email. Isn’t this cool?! This way you are able to inspire your best friend or your sister by sharing your creative ideas.

    Bring in the fairy-tale with Splat!

    Splat is also one of my favorite hair color brands. Their inspiring selection of vivid and unique color combinations can take you on an exciting creative adventure. You can choose from either one, two or three-color packages to help you express your creative self in the best way. 

    Splat hair products are completely vegan-friendly and cruelty-free! The hair dyes give you long –lasting semi-permanent color that supposedly lasts for up to 30 washes. There are also some temporary (up to 10 washes) and washable (1 wash) options for you to choose from. Personally, I didn’t count for exactly how many washes it lasts before it starts to fade away, but I can definitely agree that it is much more long-lasting than most of the other rainbow hair dyes that I’ve ever used.

    Same as with Crazy Color, if you want to achieve the exact intense and bright color that you can see on the box, you will have to bleach your hair first. However, even without bleaching, you can still get quite nice, although a bit fair, color shades. 

    The colors I used were “Violet Vixen” and “Berry Blast”. Since I chose a very bright and intense purple color in order to get a nice shade out of it on my non-bleached burgundy red hair, I chose a deeper and a bit darker pink shade to mix it with. I got a really nice and unique color as a result. I was in love with it! It was so much fun mixing the colors and creating my very own shade. 

    Tools and tutorials

    Additionally, for each color on their webpage, you can watch a tutorial that walks you through the process of dyeing your hair with their “fantasy” colors for the first time. And I think this is actually extremely helpful for beginners because it shows the different steps you have to take and gives you tips on how to make the best of your hair color. 

    Where to buy?

    You can easily find this product around the US in every Target, Walmart, Ulta Beauty, CVS, etc. In Europe, it might be a bit more difficult to find this brand in the regular drugstores, but you always have the option to buy it online.




    Overall, these two brands are my favorites. They are easy to apply, do not damage your hair and give you the freedom to create your own unique look. If I had to choose between the two brands, I would say that I got a more satisfying effect from Splat, just because I didn’t want to bleach my hair. The shades are more vivid and more long-lasting. However, I must say I really like both brands and I am sure you can achieve great results with both as long as you have natural blond to light brown hair or you bleach your natural dark hair. Of course, the colors will look different on different types and natural colors of hair, so you will just have to figure out which one works best for you.

    Table: Product comparison between Crazy Color and Splat

    Where to buy

    Crazy Color
    1box- 5.50£
    list of salons

    up to 30
    shampoo and conditioner


    4boxes package-22£

    Ulta Beauty;
    Rite Aid;

    up to 30 for semi-permanent;
    1 wash for washable



    I hope I gave you some inspiration for this autumn season. Bring out your colors- happiness is where the rainbow is! ❤️ 

    P.S. I am looking forward to hearing about your thoughts and experience with any of these brands. And if you fancy another hair color brand, feel free to share it!



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