SuperGoop Glow Screen Review : Is it POC Friendly and Reef Safe? Affordable Sunscreen Alternatives

Product details: Supergoop Glowscreen Sunscreen

SuperGoop Glow Screen Review : Is it POC Friendly and Reef Safe?  Affordable Sunscreen Alternatives

    When I was a loyal Clevver TV: Beauty Break subscriber, I was always in shock by the fact that Joslyn was 34 (currently 38). Jossyln’s energy-levels and skin made her age a well-kept secret to new viewers. When fellow co-hosts asked Josslyn to share her youth preservation secret, the answer was always: apply sunscreen daily. As much as I would love to age as well as Josslyn has over the years, I always took her advice lightly until recently.

     There were three things that held me back from applying sunscreen daily.

    1. I hated the classic long-lasting greasy feeling of sunscreen

    2. I didn’t like the white cast effect. Even though I’m not very dark, I still felt I would get a ghostly look when applying the appropriate amount of sunscreen. 

    3. I didn’t like the smell 

    On top of the deterrents I listed above, I am generally not the type of person to follow a strict skincare routine, so applying a product I didn’t like seemed like a big commitment. 

    Although I dislike applying sunscreen, over the summer I will try to apply it often, especially if I know that I will spend a lot of time outdoors. I think many others are like me, and mainly wear sunscreen during the warmer months. However, we should be wearing sunscreen year-round. Because summer is the season most people are on the hunt for the best sunscreen option, it was no surprise to see social media influencers and personal friends sharing Supergoop products on their social media. 


    Supergoop sells a variety of sunscreen products. Most of these products are clean and have additional skincare benefits or multiple uses because the brand's mission is to make sunscreen application a fun daily process. Based on what I see on social media, I would have to say the top sellers are most likely the Unseen Sunscreen and the Glowscreen Sunscreen. 


    The Glowscreen sunscreen is a super versatile sunscreen. It functions as a makeup primer, skin illuminator, and of course, provides SPF protection. I can personally only speak about my thoughts on the last two functions. I apply the SuperGoop Glowscreen after my applying The Ordinary Niacinamide Serum and the IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Gel Cream. After so much hydration it makes sense that my skin looks glowy, but I definitely have to give credit to the Supergoop formula for giving the illusion of glass skin. 


    Seconds after applying the sunscreen, the product absorbs into the skin and does not feel greasy or like it's just sitting on my skin. Although this product is not water/sweat resistant, when I do sweat, I don’t feel that the product clumps up or causes my sweat to just sit as little droplets on my face (I know this sounds gross, but I thought I should share). 

    I looked into the Glowscreen ingredients and it contains hyaluronic acid which helps hydrate the skin but does not create a greasy feeling. The glow is a result of the added hydration and the pearly formula. However, there are no thick glitter chunks, instead, it creates a natural glow from within look. 

    If you’re super concerned about looking oily, I am 100% sure that the SuperGoop Unseen Sunscreen is Oil-Free and clear, so there is no risk of an oily white cast. 


    The reason the SuperGoop Glowscreen and Unseen Sunscreen produce no white cast is because these products are chemical sunscreens. The composition of chemical sunscreens allows for the product to absorb UV rays while the composition of mineral sunscreens makes the product reflect the rays, creating a white cast. 


    While I experience no white cast, I am still relatively pale. If you have a darker skin tone, check out the search results for Supergoop Glowscreen on POC here for a better idea of how the product looks. 

    NOT REEF SAFE (aka not good for the environment)

      In recent years, many people have made the switch from chemical to mineral sunscreen because most sunscreens used oxybenzone or octinoxate as the main active ingredients. These ingredients are the most damaging to the reefs, meanwhile, mineral ingredients use zinc oxide which is a better alternative.  Other ingredients to look out for are available at Save the Reef. Although the website promotes the products to be reef safe, Supergoop sunscreens actually contain homosalates. Because of this, I am still on the hunt for a good sunscreen option for when I go to the beach. However, for daily use, the Supergoop Glowscreen is still my top choice. 

    For how quickly I finish the bottle, I would say the price does start to feel a little steep, so I found two options for reef safe and POC friendly sunscreens. I haven't tried out these products but the reviews seemed good. If you try one of these out, let me know how it goes! 

    Option 1: Krave Beauty The Beet Shield 

    Option 2: Versed Skin Mineral Sunscreen

    Where to Buy Supergoop:

    Supergoop $36

    Sephora $36

    Both sites have a variety of sunscreen options. You can look through the descriptions to find the product you believe will work the best for your skin. Want to learn about even more great sunscreens? Check out this review by another community member (especially if you have acne-prone skin)!

    Thanks for tuning in! 

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