Why are Lululemon Leggings Worth the Price?

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Why are  Lululemon Leggings Worth the Price?

    As someone in her early 20s, I wear leggings five out of the seven days of the week. I love to be comfortable and leggings are a clothing item that are so cozy and easy to pair with any top- sporty or dressy. I'd go so far to say they are one of, if not, my favorite clothing item so it's very important that I find the perfect pair/brand. I've been wearing leggings for as long as I can remember and have worn an array of brands over the years but NO other brand has brought me as much satisfaction to date as Lululemon.

    Fabrics/Materials & Technology of Lululemon Leggings

    A big plus in investing in a Lululemon brand legging is that the company provides numerous types of styles and fabrics to give you the most appropriate product with the best performance based on what you're looking for and the activities you plan on doing in these superior leggings. No need to be overwhelmed by the variety of choices available as sales people in store can help you find exactly what you're looking for! 

    Some Fabric Options Offered:

    Everlux: Ideal for studio/indoor workouts such as spin classes. Soft and leaves the skin feeling cool as such workouts and usage makes one hot and sweaty. 

    Nulu: Everyday wear fabric that gives a "naked sensation". Makes one feel like nothing is on them, is extremely comfortable, gives unrestricted movement and is designed for causal wear or light-impact workouts like yoga. 

    Nulux: Lightweight and also gives the same "naked sensation" as Nulu, but is comparably more high-impact and best for activities such as running. A more workout friendly alternative to the Nulu fabric. 

    Luon: Cottony leggings with a stretch! Very comfortable and eliminates moisture/sweat (sweat-wicking). Best for light-impact workouts like yoga. 

    Luxtreme: Is more slick, cool-to-touch and smooth than the Luon fabric and designed for high-impact activities and workouts like running. It also consists of the sweat-wicking technology and stretchiness quality Luon has. 

    No matter which fabric you choose from, I truly believe you will feel and understand the high quality and effort put into the generation of each type of legging. One should appreciate how the company takes into consideration the different activities and times people wear leggings and have produced items that are perfect and serve each instance. 

    My Favorite Lululemon Legging & Why

    I currently own 5 pairs of Lululemon leggings- 3 leggings made of the Nulu fabric, 1 legging made from the Nulux fabric and one other legging made from the Luon. I tend to do light workouts so ALL the leggings are useful. My favorite out of the ones I own has to be the pairs made from the Nulu fabric (why I bought three lol). Seriously, I can not emphasize the lightness and soft, butter-like texture of these leggings, along with the ease that one feels when putting them on and having them hug your waist with no issues of falling down or squeezing too tight! 

    Other Brands I Used to Buy From & Why I Stopped

    Before I purchased my first Lululemon legging (which converted me into a permanent Lululemon shopper lol), I would buy leggings from Victoria Secret's Pink brand, Nike and Adidas. 

    The leggings from Pink were by far the worst pairs I owned as they felt heavy and bulky, had so much extra fabric at the end which would roll up at the bottom no matter which size I bought, and would never stay in place. Throughout the day I would find myself pulling up my leggings with the constant falling, and most of these leggings had a short life and faded easily. They are cheaper (around $50) but simply a waste of money in my opinion. 

    Nike leggings were high quality and satisfying but not even nearly as close to as comfortable and flattering on curves as Lululemon ones. The prices of certain Nike leggings are comparable to those at Lululemon, but I would rather invest in a legging that makes you look your best and has the same work-out technology benefits. 

    My adidas leggings were always cotton and I found them to be comfortable but unfortunately, I found that they would fade and tear in a short period of time. In addition, they didn't have the same perfect fit to the body as Lululemon leggings.


    I would HIGHLY recommend saving up and investing in Lululemon leggings over other brands as you're paying for unbelievable comfort, high-quality, and a product that will last a very long time. These leggings are definitely worth your money! 

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