Why Not to Buy the L'Oreal Paris True-Match Concealer

Product details: L'Oreal Paris True-Match Concealer

Why Not to Buy the L'Oreal Paris True-Match Concealer

    As a college student who doesn’t wear makeup daily, I was confused whether to invest in designer products or to just go with drug-store brands after hearing multiple times that both can (at times) essentially have the same quality and ingredients. After walking into a local Walgreens, I found myself purchasing the L’Oreal Paris True-Match concealer as it was a known brand, cheap, and very convenient as it is available in most drug-stores. 

    My Thoughts on the L’Oreal Paris True-Match Concealer

    While searching for the correct shade, I appreciated the wide range of shades offered and didn’t find any difficulty picking out a color I thought would best match my skin tone. However, after I used the concealer for the first time, I found the product to be very cakey, sticky, and noticeable on the face due to not blending well. As someone who goes for a very natural makeup look, this was a big turn-off for me. In addition, the formula irritated my skin and made my eyes watery throughout the day. I was itching and rubbing my eyes which lead to smudging the rest of my eye makeup. Furthermore, I have oily skin, and this concealer completely dried out the sections of my face I used it on in a very unpleasant manner. The concealer really stood out on my face despite it being the “perfect” match to my skin tone.

    Would I Recommend the L’Oreal Paris True-Match Concealer to a Friend?

    I would not recommend this product. I think it’s definitely important to do research before purchasing any makeup products- especially for the skin. I really do think it is worth spending more money on a brand that may be more expensive but will deliver the results you are looking for. I don’t think anyone should spend $9.79 (the amount I spent) on this product for even quick/rough use. 

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