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    Let everything else wait. Wake up early. Enjoy the unbeatable sound of the morning silence. The only question that needs to be answered right now is what your fuel of choice is for today. 

    Whatever’s the answer I know exactly the place to go.


    The ultimate vegan haven, so good that non-vegans sneak in for a cold-pressed smoothie. It's a rare thing to find a place that ticks all the boxes. They are plastic free. They give 5% back to support charities. They live by the 3Rs (Reduce - Reuse – Recycle). They support local producers and they worry about their carbon footprint. They are super welcoming and friendly. But you are probably starving, so let’s get to the food part. In fact I hope you are starving, because the food couldn’t be more delicious than this. Let’s start with mini pies. Mini means you get to try them all right? Sweet or savory? Replace ‘or’ with ‘both’.  Cheese pie, mushroom, spinach, leek or potato? Wait till you hear this one: They offer falafel mini pies as well. Satisfy your sweet tooth with bougatsa which is a must when in Thessaloniki, vanilla or chocolate, fine we’ll have both.

    Wash them down with a glass of fresh juice. No regrets. Literally.


    Paulou Mela 1, Thessaloniki

    Price range £

    Breakfast 1,18 euro / 100gr

    Serving Breakfast 8:00-13:00

    Good for children


    Walk-ins welcome

    Call 231 025 6069


    Let me take you back to another place and time. With an old school, almost vintage aesthetic and traditional local products this place is a local gem! And it’s more than a simple restaurant. It’s a cooperative grocery store and coffee house with a welcoming, friendly vibe. They change up the menu often so you will always have something new to experience. Or you can DIY your own sandwich along with a cup of Greek coffee.

    They serve a full breakfast (you get a vegan version as well) including a beverage of your choice for 7 euro. A great value for money. Make sure you get a jar of homemade jam to go.


    Venizelou Elefteriou 59

    Call 231 600 8659

    Price range £

    Full Breakfast 7 euro

    Serving breakfast from 8:00


    Walk-ins welcome

    Outdoor seating


    Feel the tropical vibes without having to leave the city. The most instagramable place in town so that you will finally get to use the hashtag #foodporn and #foodgasm.

    In this tropical garden, it’s always summer and the coffee is always brewed to perfection.

    The food here is the perfect cure for your Monday blues. Hearty, unpretentious yet elegant, the perfect balance at a chilled relaxing ambience. Wonderful friendly service as well.


    Agiou Mina 16 Thessaloníki

    Price range £

    All you can eat breakfast buffet 9,90 euro including a beverage.

    Serving Breakfast 7:30-10:30

    Good for groups

    Takes bookings


    Table service

    Walk-ins welcome

    Call 231 027 2818


    I get it. Some days you simply can’t leave work and indulge in a full breakfast. In that case, well, bring work with you, at a tastefully renovated building that dates back to the early 1900s. Head upstairs to the beautifully decorated co-working space, grab a bite and house your next meeting with your team. Innovation at it’s very best. A truly versatile, multifunctional all-day coffee, food & art & drinks space. If you are a true minimalist this will become your fave spot.  The food is simple yet eclectic, the best re-imaged sandwiches along with a cup of joe. Extra points of coolness: There’s a cat upstairs to pet and coo over.


    Edessis 5, Thessaloniki

    Serving breakfast from 10:00

    Price range ££

    Aprox. 10 e per person for fancy eggs and a beverage

    Call 231 053 0480


    It’s a bakery. It’s a café. It’s perfect for a tea and a bite. They have a large assortment of morning pastries and you’ll have a hard time holding yourself back from trying everything on the menu. Try the carrot cake, it’s perfectly dense and crumbly with a rich cream cheese frosting  -finger licking good. Or go for the spinach pie if you are looking for a traditional greek treat. Sit outside and enjoy the breeze on a warm Sunday morning.


    proxenou koromila 35 & lassani 2,Thessaloníki

    Price range ££

    Aprox 8 euro for a piece of cake and a beverage

    Serving breakfast from 06:00 


    Table service

    Walk-ins welcome

    Call 231 022 2126


    •           The world’s first breakfast cereal was created in 1863 and needed soaking overnight to be chewable

    •           The world record for the most people eating breakfast in bed is 289 and was set in Sydney, Australia on 2nd March in 2012. It involved 85 queen size beds containing four people each

    •           The world’s largest breakfast on record involved 27,854 people and took place in Germany on 29 May 2005

    •           The largest bowl of porridge weighs 865 kg and was achieved in Tula, Russia on 10 September 2011

    •           Breakfast food is a surprisingly recent invention.

    •           The concept of breakfast food didn’t exist in the U.S. until the mid to late 1800s, People ate breakfast, but it looked a lot like dinner or a snack. In the 1600s, breakfast was likely to be leftovers, cheese and bread, or stewed grains. Beginning in the mid 1700s to 1800s, people started to add meat and fish to their morning meal. Meat became standard and central to breakfast and it represented growing prosperity.

    So, are we ready for breakfast?



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    • Ann S Ann S : OMG the place with the cat has won me over! haha. Relaxing with a yummy brunch and a furry friend sounds like the perfect morning to me.
      5 years ago 
      • Chelf D Chelf D : I knew everyone was gonna love the cat ;) Purrfection!
        5 years ago 
    • Lady Anne A Lady Anne A : All looks so good! I do love to start my day with a nice hearty breakfast. I'd definitely visit one of those places when I travel to Thessaloniki!
      5 years ago 
      • Chelf D Chelf D : I hope that you'll make it to Thessaloniki soon! Bon apetit!
        5 years ago 
    • Jackie H Jackie H : All these places look amazing! I love your photos and to tell you the truth... I had not been hungry before I read your post. Albeta looks amazing and is the kind of place I would love to own one day! Bakery, Cafe... What else is more perfect than that. Thank you for the wonderful post!
      5 years ago 
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