Active holidays in October

    Island of Krk

    After I while I'm coming with new post. I have thought a while what to write about. So, I decide to make one day a trip around the island and try think like a tourist. What would I like to do, see and is there any offer in low season.

    My first destination was the most popular place on the island direction Baška. At the end I didn't go in Baška if you are wondering why, because that would be obvious. Instead my first destination was the most important destination in history of the island it is situated before Baška on the Jurandvor. I have mentioned this place few times in earlier posts. There is one small church St. Lucy there is found Baška Tablet and it is very important piece of history in Croatia.

    You are probably thinking now where is here some activity in the title says active holidays. Well, you have several options. If you like bike Mountains, walking trails you are in the right place. You can choose from several different  trails they've marked very good and you can get also a map that you can get there in every informative center of tourism. If that is not enough in this month you can register for a competitive event, more information here.

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