All good things come to an end.
    All good things come to an end.


    My two months holiday is coming to an end. I’ve been spoiled with views, landscape, food, wildlife and inspiration. I’ve met great people along the way and enjoyed every minute of every day. Traveling is freedom and puts many thoughts into new perspective and I’m curious how I’ll feel when I’m back home.
    Unfortunately I don’t have any team behind me which helps me with content or pictures and even though a day has 24 hours, I had a hard time finding a spare minute for blogging.
    That’s why I will write my New Zealand and Australia travel guides when I’m back. I have to admit that I miss my garret with my large screen and big heavy laptop (I couldn’t bring them with me ofc). I guess I will lock myself in my room with a bucket of tea as I scroll through my terabyte of pictures.

    Location: Palm Cove, Queensland, Australia.

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