Amazing secret places in Sydney you need to discover

Amazing secret places in Sydney you need to discover


    Are you travelling to Sydney and thinking about what spots you should visit? Well. The obvious and most popular choices are always great option. However, experiencing some of the hidden gems of Sydney will make your journey even more memorable. Here are some amazing secret spots in Sydney you should visit. 

    Discover the fairy-like nature in Eveleigh Treehouses

    This unusual spot in Sydney looks like it was plucked right out of a magic fairy tale. It simply looks unreal and adorable. Eveleigh Treehouses consist of funky-looking treehouses that belong to an outdoor artwork series created by a visual artist Nell in Eveleigh Green Park. 

    Have Fun at Fairy Bower Pool

    The Fairy Bower Sea Pool is a triangular-shaped ocean pool that offers a stunning view both during the day and night. It was constructed by the locals back in 1929 and to this day is one of the most beautiful pools in Australia. There are three sculptures on the pool edge that are known as “The Oceanides” or “The Sea Nymphs”. They truly add a touch of elegance to the pool design. 

    Explore the Shipwreck at Homebush Bay

    If you’re feeling adventurous and want to explore one of the best hidden spots in Sydney, you have to go to the Homebush Bay Shipwreck located in the middle of the Parramatta River. A spot like this deserves a whole day to be explored. Take your time and go on a relaxing walk in nature. The place can be explored on a bike as well since there are a lot of bike tracks around the place. With an easily-portable folding bike, you can have a fun trip around the Homebush Bay Shipwreck and find a perfect picnic spot where you can rest and enjoy the presence of nature in its full glory. 

    Don’t Miss Out on Auburn Botanic Gardens

    If you want to see the real natural beauty, visit the Auburn Botanic Gardens. These magical gardens include A Scented Garden, a Fauna reserve, a Sunken Rose Garden, and an aviary. The best time of the year to visit the Auburn Botanic Gardens is in August. That is when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and all of the beautiful colours really pop off and create stunning contrasts. You might even be lucky to spot a peacock somewhere in the gardens.

    Discover the secret Angel Place in Sydney

    As heavenly as the name sounds, Angel Place is a hidden alleyway where around 180 birdcages are a home to some of the most splendid beautiful looking bird species. It’s truly a one of a kind sight that you shouldn’t miss out on seeing. This art installation has a deeper meaning. Namely, it represents the call of 50 birds that used to live in the city before the Europeans arrived. 

    Stroll along the MacKenzies Bay Beach

    If you want a truly secretive spot in Sydney then this Bay Beach is a perfect spot for you. This beach located 100 metres north of Tamarama is hidden for most of the year due to high tides. However, during summer time, it is magically revealed again. It’s important to mention that this beach is unpatrolled though. 

    Take a Walk in Wendy’s Secret Garden

    If you enjoy spending time in nature there’s another amazing hidden spot in Sydney you should visit. Here’s what makes Wendy’s Secret Garden so special. This is the place where Wendy Whitely buried her artist husband Brett’s ashes. This tragic yet very poetic background story makes the secret garden feel like a very special place. The garden is filled with stunning and vibrant colours. There’s a big free tree offering shade for all of those who wander through the garden. Also, you get the have the most magnificent view of Sydney Harbour.  This is simply a perfect place for an evening stroll or picnic time.

    Visit the Lane Cove National Park

    If you want to get some fresh air and reconnect with nature, you absolutely have to visit the Lane Cove National Park in Sydney. This is an especially amazing tourist spot for families who like to go on adventures together. You can go canoeing, bushwalking, glamping, bike riding, and nature watching in this area. It’s a definite must on this list. 

    Go rock climbing at Queenscliff Tunnel

    If you’re into extreme outdoor sports like rock climbing you’ll love this place. The Queenscliff Tunnel is one of those secret spots in Sydney where tourists go when they long for an exciting adventure and a little bit of adrenaline rush. This 40-metre long channel goes through the rock of Queenscliff Head and connects Queenscliff Beach and Freshwater Beach. It can also be accessed through the Queenscliff Rock Pool. 

    Enjoy the Stunning Views from the Barrenjoey Head Lighthouse

    This may not be so much of a secret spot in Sydney but it deserves to be on the list anyway. It should definitely be on the bucket list and here’s why. The breathtakingly beautiful views you get to witness from the top of the lighthouse will stay occupying your mind for weeks after you leave Sydney. You can also go on the Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk during the whale season and go whale watching as well. It’s a truly unique and memorable experience. 

    Take Photos in Waterview Wharf Workshops

    The lively and colourful waterfront houses in Waterview Wharf will have you thinking you teleported to Copenhagen. This is one of the most photographed spots in Sydney and there’s a good reason why. So, go for a walk in this area and take some creative and colourful photographs to capture the beauty of Waterview Wharf Workshops.

    Swim in the Nature's Infinity Pool

    Lastly, for full relaxation, go to the Nature’s Infinity Pool in the mesmerising Brisbane Waters National Park. You can find the secret through waterfall in Woy Woy. It takes about 3km to reach it if your starting point is at the Tunnel Fire Trail off Woy Woy Road. Swimming in this magnificent nature’s infinity pool is one of the best ways to get through the hot Australian summer day.


    In conclusion, if you visit Sydney and want to experience the hidden gems of this beautiful city, these are the secret spots you should definitely check out. 

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