Camping Tips and Hacks every newbie should be aware of

Camping Tips and Hacks every newbie should be aware of


    Camping can be a fascinating idea for every newbie while going on a school trip. But it is no different for a family preparing for camping the first time. However, the enthusiasm stands in its place, but what are the things you must need at camping or what tricks will help you out making it more enjoyable and memorable?

    This article discusses everything regarding this. So, please don’t go anywhere; stick to the page till the end and let you take pleasure from this camping at its full potential. 

    So, let’s cut to the chase.


    1. Think about a perfect spot


    For a newbie, it’s considered totally safe to not camp at a place that is more than 4 hours away from home. So, camp in the range of this category. You can also opt for a state park and campground for your convenience. As you are a beginner, so having more people around will assist you in coping with difficult situations.  


    2. Do tell someone about your camping spot


    It’s understandable that camping is a way to be nearer to nature and enjoy pre-humans life among plants or in the forest. However, it would be best to be more cautious while camping than at home. Always inform someone about your camping place so that if there happens an unpredictable incident, you get help firsthand.


    3. Install a good tent properly


    Having a good tent must be your first preference; after all, it is going to be your home away from home. If you don’t have one, go and buy but keep in mind that it must be resistant to severe weather conditions, waterproof, and durable. The size of the tent depends upon the number of people going to live inside, so choose accordingly.


    4. Don’t ever forget about the flashlight 


    The flashlight is something that becomes a lifeline when it’s midnight, and you have to find out a thing, inspect or go anywhere. Other than that, you may also feel scared upon listening to different animals’ sounds. In such conditions, you need a flashlight to light up your camp at night and shred away fears. 


    5. Come to the camping spot in daylight and inspect


    Before camping, inspect the area for safety purposes. However, it must be done in daylight. Other than inspection, daylight has many other benefits for your camping trip as a newbie. It will help you prepare your camp properly, but before that, check for any signs of danger.


    6. Never throw food outside


    To keep animals away, follow a proper food protocol. It is because leaving food outside the camp can draw an animal, especially bears, towards your campsite. If it has been difficult for you to handle the garbage, make garbage bags, and after putting the food wrappers in them, tie them with a piece of rope. After that, toss them over the branch and rise to seven or eight feet as it is secure.


    7. Be attentive with fire


    Fire is a cause of several camping accidents. For that, always be careful and attentive with fire. Light it up at a safe distance from the tent and never cook inside it. A key point you must keep in mind is never leave a fire unattended.  


    8. Wanna pee or poo? What to do now?


    Wherever you are, the natural processes always continue to happen. Do you have an urge to urinate or defecate? – Then, keep some pro tips in mind. Never go for a toilet around a water source as you may contaminate or pollute it. Never disturb animals living in a hole. Dig a particular hole, pee, or poo, and cover it up. That’s all!


    Final Word: 


    So, to put it all in a nutshell, camping for a newbie is an exciting journey but needs multiple cautious practices and pro tips. Going on a camping trip without knowing about it before can endanger your life and risk your safety. Never choose a lonely place for a first camping experience. Always tell someone about your place of camping and remain in contact with your friends or loved ones.  




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