Complete Itinerary for Exploring Scotland, NC500 and Nearby Islands

Complete Itinerary for Exploring Scotland, NC500 and Nearby Islands

    United Kingdom

    Road Trip to Scotland covering NC500, Fort William, Isle of Skye and Isle of Mull

    I went on a road trip to Scotland recently for two weeks covering major highlights on NC500, Isle of Skye, Fort william, Oban and Mull. The following map shows the high level view of the route I took over the two weeks. Note that I have visited Loch Lomond and Edinburgh in an earlier separate road trip, so this itinerary starts to the north of these locations mainly around Inverness. 

    I narrowed down the route to take first and then came up with the itinerary plan with each itinerary item colour coded per day after reading many many blogs and consulting with travellers in my social media travel community. 

    If you have plans to go on a road trip to Scotland, take a look at the detailed itinerary maps published on my site at:


    How was the Trip? 

    The plan worked very well for me covering all the highlights in these areas, landscapes, castles, islands, wildlife hunting you name it. As I travelled during the Covid situation, I was definitely nervous about this travel plan including being on the remote route in the middle of nowhere for long periods of time. But everything came together very well, including the journey, the stays and the food options. Here are some of my favorite moments captured.

                                                                         Apple Cross Pass-NC500

                                                                                                          Isle of Skye 

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