How Travel Influences Your Life?

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    Why  should you Travel?

    Every one has a story and even if it feels like we are all passionate about traveling, what fuels this passion can still be widely different. We all see, think and act differently  

    I am a life made traveler who initially traveled a lot for education purposes which prompted me to explore more and now I am hooked. With the travel blogging endeavour of mine, I am so fortunate to have come across many inspiring travelers and writers with amazing content from different perspectives.  On a side note, I also observe that some content is corrupted, especially with the madness of edited or fake pictures. After having traveled a lot myself,  I learned not to trust everything I saw online and how to quickly spot such content.

    Travel in my mind not really is those amazing pictures, but the true real world you go see and experience. 

    I asked this question to a few travelers in my mind to share their top five travel words and here is the word art  that I created.  Travel is a composition of the people you meet, the food you eat, and the culture that carries the essence of a place among others. It is also  a personal experience of growth, exploration and freedom in being part of the world.

    If you need more inspiration to travel, I am also doing an interview series with some top travelers around the world where they answer How Travel Influences Their Life. Check it out to meet some amazing travel bloggers. I post weekly, with the first one published so far. Stay Tuned at planethoppergirl.com

    Stay True, Stay You,
    Planet Hopper Girl

    --> What are your top five words for travel  or Why do you travel? Comment below  

    --> If you are a travel blogger and would like to be featured on my site, DM me!

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