It has passed two weeks and one getaway



    Thank you very much for reading my last post. I do hope you have enjoyed it. My summer season has officially ended. I have mixed feelings at the same time I am mentally exhausted, and on the other hand, I love it. Hopefully, the last sentence has the sense to you as do to me. 

    Photo byWilhelm Gunkel on Unsplash 

    Let me update you on what has happened in the meantime. After the campsite has been officially closed, the management has asked me to join on the team building trip in Istria. At first, I was very excited! I had never been on a teambuilding trip, so I was a bit scared too. I was scared while I carry my scars from the past. I have never had a large group of friends. I often found myself in situations where people have been using me for some secret agenda. I am aware not everyone is like this. Some things heal on the surface, but they stay with you all your life inside of you. I can describe it as your personal little bell of danger. 

    I was over the moon by the fact, I would go somewhere after nine months of working. I was less excited when I realized I would be with all twenty of them. I started to project my own fears. It is funny if you think about it for a second. After all, I am creating online content, and it makes me happy to help people around me. At the same time, it makes me more vulnerable because I put myself out there. I am still learning to accept, that not all people are good plus there will be always people that will find something to put the black stain on you. 

    After a little bit of talking, with my close circle of people, I decided to go, after all, it will be nice to go somewhere. Immediately, my mind was it would be the perfect opportunity to film packing with me. The next thing I need is my camera. I regret the fact that has just sold my old GoPro, and my new GoPro was still on the way to Croatia. It was not the end of the world. I will go somewhere again, then I will have my mini camera as well. 

    I have gone a little bit off-topic here. I think of myself as a light-packer. I am very cautious about what I will take with me on trips. Firstly, I don't want to carry too much luggage. Secondly, I feel cluttered when you take a lot with you, then you aren't focused at the moment. You don't let yourself be present in the moment completely.

    For that reason, I diced to carry only my gym bag and one small backpack with me. 

    1. Skincare
    2. Underwear 
    3. Two short sleeve shirts
    4. Two long sleeve shirts
    5. Leggings
    6. Pants
    7. Joggers
    8. Converse 
    9. Camera of course

    Hopefully, I didn't forget to add something. You can always take a look at the video. I am interested, what kind of packer are you? Do you prefer shorter or longer trips? 

    For me, it is all about my feeling. Sometimes I can stay somewhere for a long time. Other times I prefer short trips. The big difference is whit whom I am going. Before Rabac, I was looking at it like it was very lonely. But if loneliness is what you need to put yourself together, go for it. If you would be interested in seeing my booking process for the trip, let me know in the comments. Maybe I can give you some info, especially if you have the plan to visit Croatia. One bonus tip about Croatia is to be aware, of the time, when you are making the trip. Don't expect to have the same offer in summer and in the fall or winter season. It is impossible to keep that high tempo throughout the whole year. No destination will have the same type of offer during the whole year.

    I think I am starting to get a hang of posting and writing content. I always get some inspiration. I hope you are enjoying your Halloween night. It is a perfect way of saying goodbye to you. Until the next post.

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