Traveling: Unlocking Amazing Barcelona


    I have been dying to go to Spain for a while now, but it was always a bit expensive, so I kept postponing it. In December I got lucky and found 2 round trip plane tickets for just 55 euros. And so it was settled, I would spend the week before my birthday probably in the most beautiful city in western Europe. Let me tell you about my journey there, what I visited and how I scheduled the 3 days from the Catalan city.

    As mentioned above the tickets were purchased in advance from WizzAir low-cost company for just 55 euros. I got them during a discount day on their website and I also have a paid membership. The fight was from Cluj-Napoca to Barcelona, El Prat airport, from Friday night to Monday night.

    For the accommodation, once again I used Airbnb and since this was a low-cost city break, I chose a shared apartment near Las Rambla. The cost for the 3 nights was around 115 euros.

    Before we left we also purchased in advance the entries for the placed we wanted to visit. The prices are lower online and you will not stay in line! The number of tourists is a big one, so don’t underestimate the time you will lose waiting to buy the tickets. Most of the places offer you a time-slot of 30 minutes when you have to get in so that you can schedule your route. In Barcelona there will be 3 ques for the entries, one to buy the tickets, one to wait to get inside once the ticket was validated and one for fast track. The fact that you have the ticket guarantees you the entry, but you will have to wait in case there are too many tourists at the same time inside, or if there are others with the fast track tickets.

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