True Coffee or Do you love coffee as much as I do?

True Coffee or Do you love coffee as much as I do?

    South Africa
    Cape Town
    Truth Coffee Roasting
    I am a real coffee addict. I can't survive a day without 1-2 cups of a good coffee. And I have some preferences in it: 1. I never drink instant coffee. Never. And you don't drink, please, it isn't good for you. 2. I only drink coffee with milk, I just love it more this way, preferably Flat White or Cappuccino; rarely Latte - too little coffee.

    Cape Town is known for the amazing coffee shops, with the best tasting coffee. This fact has just assured my choice of coming here. And I would like to share some of these cool places with you!

    So, today I went to Truth Coffee Roasting - you'll find this name in all the articles about Cape Town. And I had to go there, to get to know what's cool about it. And I'll tell you what just now!

    The atmosphere is fascinating: the dresses of baristas and waiters are cool and stylish; the interior is very modern and fancy; and of course, the delicious coffee with the great aroma, and the most filling and at the same time light croissant I had in my life.

    If you ever end up in Cape Town, definitely visit Truth Coffee, it's worth it, despite the price, which is obviously much higher than in a standard coffee shop.

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