What To Do: 3 Days in Paris


    Here are some hotspots and advice on what to do if you are planning a short trip to the magical city of Paris.

    If you read some of my posts (like this one), you are probably aware that I can find France really inspiring. Besides the croissants and French wine there are plenty of things that inspire and fascinate me. So, here's the schedule for your weekend trip if you want to also get inspired by the charm of Paris:


    8:00 Wake up early and go observe French people going to work. Running into the metro with a coffee to-go and a croissant; biking; driving; chatting. I always get the best experiences of a certain city while observing the locals and trying the things that they try.

    10:00 Grab a croissant from a local bakery and walk to The Caféothèque of Paris, which is supposed to have one of the best coffees in Paris (Ten Belles too). Read a book while sneakily listening to locals chatting. :)

    12:00 Lunch time! Take a 25 minutes walk from The Caféothèque of Paris to Holybelly. It is a cool area to walk through and there are plenty of nice pop-up stores on the way. Holybelly is not a typical french restaurant, but has amazing food nevertheless! Amazing pancakes, different eggs dishes and nice drinks. Don't miss out!

    14:00 Walk along the canal Saint-Martin and pop into the Artazart book shop. They have amazing books for creative natures: from cooking to drawing, packaging and graphic design. I have never seen such an amazing collection. Get a crepe from a corner crepe shop, nutella & fresh strawberries is my favorite one.

    19:00 Watch a french movie with English subtitles at Luminor Hotel de Ville (more of a local cinema theater) and have a french dinner & wine afterwards at one of the small french terraces.


    10:00 Late breakfast time! :) Grab a croissant and a coffee (maybe an eclair too haha) from Paul bakery and walk to Jardin du Luxembourg. Paul is not the best bakery you can find, but it is still good, and it is close to the Luxembourg gardens. :) If you are lucky with the weather, grab one of the light green chairs and enjoy the atmosphere.

    11:00 Take a long walk to the Eiffel Tower. Walk through the non-touristy streets and take some nice shots on the way. By the way, the best view of the Eiffel Tower opens up from the Trocadero Square :)

    16:00 Have some wine & snacks in a local corner bar. My personal recommendation: red wine & pate with baguette.

    19:00 As I stayed in the 6th district of Paris, I spent an evening walking and exploring the area and cool local shops.


    11:00 Coffee in a local cafe near the place where you stay.

    12:00 Walk to the Le Marais district and look for the old Parisian streets. Explore, think, take shots!

    14:00 After and if you had lunch, don't forget to have some desserts afterwards! Some amazing dessert places: Maison Mulot and Arnaud Larher.

    16:00 Have a supermarket picnic at the Seine river. Don't forget to get some wine, a fresh baguette, some cheese and a wine opener! Having great company is a big plus!

    Enjoy your time in Paris!



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