Winter Treat in cold Cape Town

    South Africa
    Cape Town
    Clarke's Bar & Dining Room
    Hey hey! It is winter now in Cape Town and it's been raining hectically lately. I came to Cape Town 2 weeks ago from Germany, where I'm currently studying. I will stay here for quite a long time and actually, I'm impatiently waiting for summer to come here.

    So, today it is one of the usual July's cold days here. How to motivate yourself to do something productive? Treat yourself with something deliciooous! And if we talk about winter - it's obviously a soup. Clarke's Bar & Dining Room gives an opportunity to enjoy the hot tomato soup, which is served with the amazing Grilled Cheese toasts. The best way to eat it is to dip the toast in the soup. Yum!

    This place also provides a variety of burgers, salads and sandwiches. And it's very trendy, though!

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    • Charissa G Charissa G : Looks delicious! So funny it's winter there... Can't get enough of the sun (which is finally here)! XO Charissa
      7 years ago 
      • Julia M Julia M : Thanks Charissa, for me it's funny as well, since I've lived all my life in Europe:)
        7 years ago 
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