15 signs your skin needs a break from your skincare routine

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15 signs your skin needs a break from your skincare routine

    Having a reliable skincare routine is great and really comforting, it’s hard to change when you know you’ve been okay for so long and the thought of you experimenting with other products and some not working is haunting. The waste of money and stress is so discouraging.

     But change is good, especially in some cases. Sticking to something gets boring eventually at least for me it but what you should know is that after some months or years, your skin gets used to such products. It has become like a second skin and just doesn’t work anymore. That’s the biggest sign when your routine doesn’t work anymore.

    Having the same routine could also do harm. By applying all these items, it’s going to mess up with your face. It will become addictive, and your skin won’t be able to live without it. There are warning signs your skin gives though to tell you that it is tired, don’t ignore them before it’s too late.

    Signs you need a break from your skincare routine

    1. When The product doesn’t work anymore—you don’t see changes and you probably increase the quantity but it still doesn’t work tells you to switch
    2. You’re getting sudden, unnecessary breakouts—when you check your health, your diet, your skin habits and all seem to be in check, check your products
    3. Your skin is getting too dry especially if you’ve been using the same exfoliants, serums or acne treatments, prolonged use of cleansers also cause dryness.
    4. Your skin is getting oilier—which could be as a result of oily skin getting dry. It’s probably the product you’re using.
    5. Your skin type is changing—sometimes our skin types change. As we age, change environment or just lifestyle changes,  we need to change our skincare routine and products as well
    6. Experiencing burns and tingles—if it’s a new product then get rid of it ASAP, if its old and its starting to cause tingles then throw it ASAP
    7. Redness or itchiness—still due to new products or old products messing up your skin
    8. You’re getting weird harmless forehead bumps and rashes
    9. You’re pregnant—your skin conditions will change so you need to change with it
    10. You’re going through puberty
    11. You’re changing environment and the weather and stress is getting to you a lot
    12. You’re bored—honestly, this is the first reason I will change my skincare routine. I get bored easily. Besides, I love experimenting with products, so if you’re bored switch it up.
    13. Your skin needs are changing—whether it’s a skin type change, hormones, accident, sunburn, if your skin is experiencing a problem, switch up some products to suit the needs
    14. You’re getting older—as you age you’re going to need more of anti-aging product and others, so pay attention to your self
    15. Climate changes—if you’re going to stay in a changing environment for some time then you have to switch, especially if you’re migrating to a sunnier climate. But sometimes it’s for a day or two, so take some days to see if it’s just minor or you really need it.

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