Different Type Of Lips Products

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Different Type Of Lips Products

    People have been using lip makeup for a very long time. For example, people from Mesopotamia used a sort of paste made of clay to put over the lips. In Egypt both male and female used paints based on metals as lip makeup.  Other cultures as well used different pigments to give colour to their lips.

    It was in the 20th century when the lip makeup industry appeared and developed a huge variety of lipsticks. Nowadays we can find lip makeup in different textures, with different finishes and effects and in an unimaginable variety of colours.

    We can classify lip products following different criteria.


    Different Lip Product Type


    Lip Pencil

    They are also known as Lip Liner. They are mainly used to draw a line outside the lips to improve the lips’ shape. You can use them also to fill the lips and apply other lip products on top. That will make the top lip product last longer on your lips.



    That is the typical, most traditional lip product. I am sure we all have seen that on our grannies' dressing table. They exist in a huge variety of finishes, like matte, velvet, dewy, semi-matte and a long list.


    Liquid Lipstick

    It is a liquid product that you should apply with a wand or lip brush. They normally have a matte finish after drying and are normally long-lasting. They tend to dry your lips.

    You can read more in ‘I Heart Revolution Tasty Peach Liquid Lipstick review’ to know more about this type of lip product.


    Lip Tint

    They are normally liquid lipsticks with a water-based pigment and without any oil-based component in the formula. However, they can also be in lipstick form. They are literally ink for your lips, once dried there is no transference at all. The negative part is that lips become really dry.


    Lip Cream

    You can normally find this type of product as part of a palette. They should be applied with a lip brush and it is very easy to control how much product you apply.



    They are very similar to the Crayola pencil we used when we were child, but to colour your lips and not paper. They used to be very big, look like a big lip liner, but you don’t need to sharpen.



    Different finishes of lipsticks


    Most of the lip products come in different finishes. Nowadays, the number of finishes is increasing constantly and brands are developing different fantasy finishes as metallic, iridescent, holographic, duo-chrome, and more. The main and most common type of finishes are:


    That is one of the most popular and most comfortable finishes. Satin lip products are normally hydrating but they don’t last long on the lips and transfer a lot.



    Matte lipsticks tend to dry the lips. You can avoid or minimise that effect by deeply hydrating your lips before applying the lipstick. Matte lipsticks are normally long-lasting.

    If you are interested in this type of lip product you can read the essence liquid lipstick review.



    They give a glowy and dewy look to your lips but they don’t last on the lips and they are very sticky.

    Do you want to read more tips:  https://bit.ly/3tW9HBw

    • Martina F Martina F :

      I have to explore better all of these different type products but for now my favourite is the lip tint: so easy and fast to use! 

      2 years ago 
    • Irene R Irene R :

      I like though they are not the best for my dry lips.....

      2 years ago 
    • Iuliana R Iuliana R :

      have to admit I am more of a lipstick and lip balm type of girl, but you made me want to try out the other kinds as well, thank you for sharing, great advice <3

      2 years ago 
    • Irene R Irene R :

      Hi, I am glad that you like my post. I post about different beauty topics on my blog. Is there any topic which you want me to write about?

      2 years ago 
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