How I do my nails at home!?

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How I do my nails at home!?

    People always ask me where I do my nails. I always get surprised by that question because I do them myself at home. Disclaimer, I am not a nail technician, not a professional. 

    I starter to do my nails because I live on the island. On the other hand, finding a good nail salon, it is a mission for itself. 

    I don't always have a lux that I know in advance when I would have free time, especially in the summertime. In that period, it is necessary to have my nails always done, I work with people. Ordinary polish is ok, but after a few times you put your hands in the water, it will start cracking in my experience. 

    Before, I have looked at a million tutorials by professionals on how to do the nails correctly. Hopefully, I do them correctly.

    This is a very beginner-friendly video, and with a little bit of practice, you will do them every time better than the time before. I love simple and clean design. Even the short nails can look pretty.

    You will need an LED lamp, gel polish of the desired color and basic liquid-like cleanser, ph bond, primer, basic coat, and topcoat. I would love to see your designs!!!


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