How To Create Your Happy Place

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How To Create Your Happy Place

    When you think of your home environment, do you feel relaxed, happy, or secure? If the answer is no, then take this from someone, who's experienced depression and suffocation from their own environment, to heart. I understand that same disappointing and sinking feeling. But when the environment became overwhelmingly stifling, that's when I finally took the steps to change my situation. The following tips are how I made my home into my happy place.

    My Background

    Let me give you a little glimpse of my living situation. I'm still living at home with my parents, my moving out plans fell through, and rent in my area is high. Also, my room is being occupied, so I had to move into the living room, where there's very little privacy and a lack of personality that fits me.

    As I mentioned before, it was time for a change and with that, I took action to create my own happy place!

    Figure Out Your Aesthetic

    Think about a design that you like. Are you into Rustic Farmhouse? Midcentury Modern? Industrial? By narrowing down your style, you will get a clearer picture of what your happy place may look like. How do you figure out what you like? One word: Pinterest! Pinterest is an amazing app, where you can pin anything from ideas for interior design and printables to recipes for baking.

    Also, don't feel confined to a certain look or aesthetic. Give yourself the freedom to mix it up if it fits your style! For example, my aesthetic is a mix of Rustic Farmhouse meets Industrial with splashes of retro vibes from the 1950s & 1980s. Wild, I know. But it makes me happy and that's what matters!

    Get Things You Enjoy Looking At

    It's not all about what's "cool" or "trendy." Think about what you'd like to see and what you want to surround yourself with. For instance, I love gallery walls and photographs of people, so what did I do? Researched images of people I enjoy looking at and hung them on my wall. 

    Whenever I feel sad, I look at that wall and am suddenly comforted. So bring items into your space that make you happy as soon as you lay eyes on them. Maybe for you, that's an inspirational quote, a succulent, or a bookshelf. Whatever it is, welcome it into your space.

    Create A Space That's Private

    I cannot stress the importance of having a space to call your own. For a while, I didn't have that. Here's what I had: A futon out in the open with absolutely no privacy. So I recently got a wall divider and it makes a world of a difference. It's beautiful, has shelving, and sections off a small space I can call my own.

    Perhaps, you're living in a studio or a space that doesn't lend itself to much privacy. If that's the case, I highly recommend finding some type of divider or curtain for this. It's amazing how much a piece of furniture can add to your overall atmosphere and bring you happiness.

    Final Thoughts

    And those are some of my suggestions on how to create your happy place. It's going to be different for every person, but the first step to take is action.

    Recognize that you deserve happiness and a living environment that provides comfort and joy to you! 

    If you enjoyed reading this post, check out my blog: https://lifelivedcandidly.com/ 

    Good luck on your journey,


    • M D M D :

      I love that wall divider with shelves! Having a space that's your own and makes you happy is so important. I've slowly made my bedroom into a place that makes me feel calm and sparks joy. I recommend Marie Kondo's tidying up book for anyone looking for extra help deciding on how to create a happy place in your home! 

      2 years ago 
    • Ilham U Ilham U :

      Thank you so much, I’m also very conscious of my safe place and one addition I learnt hear is to decorate it more, add pictures and things I love 💕 

      2 years ago 
      • Harumi N Harumi N :

        Adding the things you love to your space will definitely make it more welcoming!!

        2 years ago 
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